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2018ViewTriangulating Coding Bootcamps in IS Education: Bootleg Education or Disruptive Innovation? Waguespack, Babb, Yates
2017ViewEmergence of Data Analytics in the Information Systems Curriculum Jafar, Babb, Abdullat
2017ViewGrounding IS Design Education in the First Principles of a Designerly Way of Knowing Waguespack, Babb
2016ViewComputing’s History of Boom and Bust: Lessons for IS Curriculum Design Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack
2015ViewA Match in the Making: How Emergent Changes in the Marketing Discipline Present Opportunities for Information Systems Programs Carley, Babb
2015ViewAddressing the 21st Century Paradox: Integrating Entrepreneurship in the Computer Information Systems Curriculum Lang, Babb
2015ViewEstablishing the Basis for a CIS (Computer Information Systems) Undergraduate Degree Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Janicki, Feinstein
2015ViewWhere do Student Outcomes Begin? Developing Personal and Life Skills as a Strategy for Student Success in the First Computing Course and Beyond Humpherys, Babb, Abdullat
2014ViewCommunicating the Value of Program-Level Accreditation for Information Systems in the College of Business Babb, Abdullat
2014ViewConfronting the Issues of Programming Babb, Longenecker, Baugh, Feinstein
2014ViewIn Search of Design-Focus in IS Curricula Babb, Waguespack
2012ViewReasserting the Fundamentals of Jafar, Babb
2012ViewThe Need for Mobile Application Development in IS Curricula: An Innovation and Disruptive Technologies Perspective Babb, Abdullat
2017ViewCloud Computing e-Communication Services in the University Environment Babin, Halilovic
2010ViewIdentifying Influencers in High School Student ICT Career Choice Babin, Grant, Sawal
2009ViewFactors Impacting the Supply and Demand of IT Workers in Canada and the USA Grant, Babin
2009ViewOffshoring & Immigration -- The Impacts on IT Workers in Canada and the United States Grant, Babin
2013ViewA Systematic Approach to Faculty Development Towards Improved Capability in Tertiary Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment Badawood, Steenkamp, Al-Werfalli
2015ViewHow Students Use Technology to Cheat and What Faculty Can Do About It Bain
2012ViewBehind the Final Grade in Hybrid v. Traditional Courses: Comparing Student Performance by Assessment Type, Core Competency, and Course Objective Bain
2016ViewEdugamifying Media Studies: Student Engagement, Enjoyment, and Interest in Two Multimedia and Social Media Undergraduate Classrooms Bajko, Hodson, Seaborn, Livingstone, Fels
2018ViewViNEL: A Virtual Networking Lab for Cyber Defense Education Reinicke, Baker, Toothman
2017ViewInvestigating Student Resistance and Student Perceptions of Course Quality and Instructor Performance in a Flipped Information Systems Classroom Baker, Hill
2008ViewHow Effective is Student-Centric Edutainment in Large Introductory IS Survey Courses? Bakke, Faley, Steinberg
2010ViewA Database Design and Development Case: NanoTEK Networks Ballenger
2010ViewStudent Usage of Instructional Technologies: Ballenger, Garvis
2013ViewPrivacy and ethics in the age of the smartphone Lawrence, Balyeat, Firth
2009ViewMTSolution: A Visual and Interactive Tool for a Martinez, Barbuzza, Mauco, Favre
2017ViewFacebook Enhanced College Courses and the Impact of Personality on Sense of Classroom Community Barczyk, Duncan
2016ViewFacebook's Effect on Learning in Higher Education: An Empirical Investigtion Duncan , Barczyk
2016ViewA Topic Analysis of ISECON Conference Proceedings from 1982 through 2014 Clark, Athey, Plotnicki, Barnes
2012ViewTreating the Healthcare Workforce Crisis: Campbell, Pardue, Longenecker, Barnett, Landry
2013ViewBuilding an Effective Kline, Vetter, Barnhill
2006ViewThe Relationship between Lab Attendance and Academic Performance Barrington
2010ViewBuilding an Integrated Student Information System in a K-12 School System Basal, Steenkamp
2011ViewA Validation Study of Student Differentiation Between Computing Disciplines Battig, Shariq
2010ViewPiltdown Man or Inconvenient Truth? A Two-year Study of Student Perceptions about Computing Battig
2009ViewExamining the impact of a new Information Systems Program and NSF STEM funding on computing enrollments Battig
2005ViewPilot Studies Introducing Collaborative and Distance Learning Paradigms in a Residential Environment Battig, Pangborn
2015ViewFirst Database Course – Keeping it all Organized Baugh
2014ViewConfronting the Issues of Programming Babb, Longenecker, Baugh, Feinstein
2011ViewMake it Relevant and They Just May Learn it Baugh
2009ViewLet’s Have Fun with That Required Computer Information Systems Introduction Course Baugh
2009ViewStudent Success with Java Online vs Java On-Ground Baugh
2008ViewSelf-paced Learning and On-line Teaching of Entity-Relationship Modeling Wu, Baugh, Harvey
2007ViewThe Disconnect of the Non-Computer Information Systems Major to the Information Systems Literacy Course Baugh
2004ViewA First Course in Database Management Baugh
2004ViewAssessment of Spreadsheet and Database Skills in the Undergraduate Student Baugh
2012ViewStrategies for Ensuring Computer Literacy Among Undergraduate Business Students: A Marketing Survey of AACSB-Accredited Schools Hungerford, Baxter, LeMay, Helms
2011ViewPredicting Success in the Introduction to Computers Course: GPA vs. Student’s Self-Efficacy Scores Baxter, Hungerford, Helms
2010ViewA Value Chain Approach for Attracting, Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
2009ViewDeveloping the Information Literacy of University Students: Integrating Research into Curricula Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
2008ViewExtending the Value of MIS Programs Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
2007ViewBridging the Academic / Industrial Chasm for the Millennial Generation Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
2011ViewIs there a Student ‘Disconnect?’ First-year Hybrid Class Teachers’ Observations and Recommendations for Improving Student Engagement in Information Systems Classes Parris, Beaver, Nickels, Crabtree
2010ViewIntegrating Enterprise Systems Concepts in the B-School--A Regional University Perspective Hunt, Regan, Becka, Green, Everett, Hunt
2006ViewGlobal Media: Incorporating Videocams and Blogs in a Global IS Management Class Beise
2009ViewA Follow-up Study of Using Remote Desktop Applications in Education Bekkering, Hutchison
2009ViewUsing Remote Desktop Applications in Education Hutchison, Bekkering
2004ViewElectronic Commerce: An Alternative for Small Businesses Alijani, Amugo, Eweni, Welsh, Belkhouche
2013ViewStrategic Plan for Enhancing Online Learning Samman, Omar, Belmasrour, Alijani
2012ViewComparatively Assessing The Use Of Blackboard Versus Desire2learn: Faculty Perceptions Of The Online Tools Chawdhry, Paullet, Benjamin
2011ViewAssessing Blackboard: Improving Online Instructional Delivery Chawdhry, Paullet, Benjamin
2012ViewA Case Study: Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Computer Science and Technology Lester, Bennett
2010ViewCritical Thinking Measurement in ICT Lester, Schneider, Bennett
2009View"Cycle of Poverty" in Educational Technology Lester, Schneider, Bennett
2008ViewEdPod: Adding Classroom Richness to the On-Line Experience Bennett, Cooper
2004ViewThe Computer Literacy Course: Putting It All Together Bennett, Cooper
2006ViewImplementing Industry Certification in an IS Curriculum: An Australian Experience Jovanovic, Nikakis, Bentley, Stein
2016ViewDeveloping Capable Undergraduate Students: A focus on Problem Based Learning and Assessment Blundell, Berardi
2014ViewA Learning Theory Conceptual Foundation for Using Capture Technology in Teaching Berardi, Blundell
2012ViewIdeas Tried, Lessons Learned and Improvements to Make: A Journey in Moving a Spreadsheet-Intensive Course Online Berardi
2009ViewAsk the Audience…Using Clickers to Enhance Introductory Business Statistics Courses Koppel, Berenson
2008ViewFive Years of Success: Some Outcomes of the Carnegie Mellon Information Assurance Capacity Building Program Sledge, Manson, Berta, Tsamitis
2003ViewInformed Discussion in Information Technology Survey Courses Settle, Berthiaume, Lulis, Mirza
2012ViewWill Computer Engineer Barbie® impact young women’s career choices? Martincic, Bhatnagar
2009ViewA Study of the Inclusion of Programming Languages in an Undergraduate Information Systems Curriculum Bhatnagar
2009ViewAssessment of Student Outcomes in Management Information Systems Online Course Participation Omar, Kalulu, Bhutta
2015ViewCybersecurity Curriculum Development: Introducing Specialties in a Graduate Program Bicak, Liu, Murphy
2009ViewImplications of Role Play and Team Teaching as Lombard, Biglan
2009ViewEffectiveness of Online Discussion Groups Filipski, Bigrigg
2013ViewDeveloping a Bachelor’s Program in Health Information Technology Howard, Bishop-Clark, Evans, Rose
2009ViewA Qualitative Look at Alice and Pair-Programming Howard, Evans, Courte, Bishop-Clark
2006ViewProblem-Based Service Learning in a 200-Level Systems Analysis and Design Course Bishop-Clark
2006ViewUsing Alice in a Computer Science Survey Course Courte, Howard, Bishop-Clark
2018ViewServer on a USB Port: A custom environment for teaching systems administration using the Raspberry Pi Zero Black, Green
2018ViewThe Enhanced Virtual Laboratory: Extending Cyber Security Awareness through a Web-based Laboratory Black, Chapman, Clark
2003ViewDesigning Labs for a Sequence of Network Courses Owen, Black
2010ViewComputer Literacy and Non-IS majors Thomas, Blackwood
2012ViewProblem Solving Frameworks for Mathematics and Software Development McMaster, Sambasivam, Blake
2008ViewTeaching Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus: McMaster, Anderson, Blake
2008ViewTwo Gestalts for Mathematics: Logical vs. Computational McMaster, Rague, McMaster, Blake
2005ViewWeaving Experiences from Software Engineering Training in Industry into Mass University Education Bleek, Lilienthal, Schmolitzky
2016ViewDeveloping Capable Undergraduate Students: A focus on Problem Based Learning and Assessment Blundell, Berardi
2014ViewA Learning Theory Conceptual Foundation for Using Capture Technology in Teaching Berardi, Blundell
2009ViewAssessing Team Performance in Information Systems Projects Tastle, Boasson, Wierman
2006ViewA New Tool in IS Management: Geographic Information Systems Boasson, Boasson, Tastle
2006ViewA New Tool in IS Management: Geographic Information Systems Boasson, Boasson, Tastle
2006ViewIT Innovations in IT Industries: Does IT pay off? Boasson, Boasson
2006ViewIT Innovations in IT Industries: Does IT pay off? Boasson, Boasson
2006ViewThe Stock Market Valuation of IT Innovations: Evidence from the Investment Banking Industry Boasson, Boasson
2006ViewThe Stock Market Valuation of IT Innovations: Evidence from the Investment Banking Industry Boasson, Boasson
2009ViewLeveraging Academic Resources in the ABET Accreditation Process: A Case from California University of Pennsylvania Kovalchick, Boff, DeLorenzo, Sible
2007ViewThe Iconic Computer Interface as Cultural Artifact: Its Role in Maintaining the “Status Quo” Bone
2013ViewSecurity Engineering Lessons Learned for Migrating Independent LANs to an Enterprise Environment Marchant, Bonneau
2014ViewBig Data in the Information Age: Exploring the Intellectual Foundation of Communication Theory Borkovich, Noah
2005View Mapping the National Security Agency's Information Assurane Certification 4012 to the IS Curriculum: The Air Force Example Elder, Strouble, Bouvin
2010ViewScaling large-size undergraduate classes at a top research university via eLearning strate-gies: A facilitated model of instruction using a Web 2.0 paradigm Conn, Hu, Boyer, Wilkinson
2003ViewExtraction, Transformation, and Loading in a Data Warehouse Course Boyno
2017ViewAccentra: Thrashing through ERP Bradds, Hills, Masters, Weiss, Havelka
2003ViewIS Programs become Accredited: COBOL in Crisis Roggio, Comer, Brauda
2005ViewComparison of Teaching Java in a Computer Classroom / Traditional Classroom vs. Smart E-Classroom and its Effect on Critical Thinking: A Case Study Thomas, Thomas, Coppola, Braudy
2010ViewA Modular Approach to Delivering Braun, Crable, Sena
2008ViewAn Examination of Employers' Perceptions and Expectations of IS Entry-Level Personal and Interpersonal Skills Tesch, Braun, Crable
2005ViewThe Student-Professor Research Relationship: Examining IS Employer Skills Expectations Braun, Tesch, Skeldon
2016ViewFull Flip, Half Flip and No Flip: Breimer, Fryling, Yoder
2012ViewMarket Basket Analysis for Non-Programmers Yoder, Vandenberg, Breimer
2011ViewTowards an Innovative Web-based Lab Delivery System for a Management Information Systems Course Breimer, Cotler, Yoder
2010ViewCo-"Lab"oration: A New Paradigm for Building a Management Information Systems Course Cotler, Breimer, Yoder
2006ViewA Study of Software Methodology Analysis: 'Great Taste or Less Filling' Brewer
2011ViewAdditional Support for the Information Systems Analyst Exam as a Valid Program Assessment Tool Carpenter, Snyder, Slauson, Bridge
2016ViewE-Learning and Medical Residents, a Qualitative Perspective Segerman, Crable, Brodzinski
2018ViewGrit and the Information Systems Student: A Discipline-Specific Examination of Perseverance and Passion for Long Term Goals Brooks, Seipel
2014ViewA Preliminary Comparison of Student and Professional Motivations for Choosing Information Systems Brooks, Korzaan, Ceccucci
2007ViewLearning Communities in Information Systems Education: Saulnier, White, Ceccucci, Brooks
2006ViewBusiness School Information Systems Development Process Review Cooke, Brown
2016ViewStalled ERP at Random Textiles Brumberg, Kops, Little, Gamble, Underbakke, Havelka
2018ViewDo the Knowledge and Skills Required By Employers of Recent Graduates of Undergraduate Information Systems Programs Match the Current ACM/AIS Information Systems Curriculum Guidelines? Burns, Gao, Sherman, Klein
2014ViewInvestigating a 21st Century Paradox: As the Demand for Technology Jobs Increases Why Are Fewer Students Majoring in Information Systems? Burns, Gao, Sherman, Vengerov, Klein
2012ViewDoes the Instructor’s Experience as a Practitioner Affect the Purpose and Content of the Undergraduate Systems Analysis and Design Course? Burns
2011ViewDefining the Content of the Undergraduate Burns
2010ViewBest Practices: A Cure for the New Prep Headache? Burns, Steinbach
2007ViewIncorporating Real World Projects and Emerging Technologies Janicki, Fischetti, Burns
2006ViewA Case for Personal Knowledge Management in the Information Systems Curriculum Burns, Janicki
2006ViewJumping off the Distance Education Bandwagon: Adding Learning Theory into the Strategy -2 Janicki, Burns
2003ViewAn Action Learning Model to Increase Critical Thinking Skills in an ALN Masters Information Systems Capstone Course Burns, Janicki
2015ViewCourse Redesign Based Kreie, Bussmann