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2018ViewA Tribute to Bart Longenecker: An IS Education Maverick and Visionary Landry, Pardue, Daigle
2013ViewA Database Management Assessment Instrument Landry, Pardue, Daigle, Longenecker
2012ViewA Health Informatics Curriculum Longenecker, Campbell, Landry, Pardue, Daigle
2012ViewHealth Informatics as an ABET-CAC Accreditable IS Program Landry, Daigle, Pardue, Longenecker, Campbell
2010ViewIS 2002 and ABET Accreditation: Meeting the ABET Program Outcome Criteria Landry, Daigle, Longenecker, Pardue
2004ViewUsing the IS 2002 Model Curriculum for Mapping an IS Curriculum Daigle, Longenecker, Landry, Pardue
2003ViewInfluence of Covey Habit Training on Teams Folse, Longenecker, Daigle
2016ViewToo Much of a Good Thing: User Leadership at TPAC Connelly, Dalton, Murphy, Rosales, Sudlow, Havelka
2003ViewThe Development and Revision of a Model Curriculum in Organizational and End-User Information Systems Daniels, Feather-Gannon
2005ViewSMARTVIEW - An Intelligent Expert System Tool using JAVA and JESS Framework Sambasivam, Davies
2018ViewInformation and Communication Technology in the Classroom: BYOD and the University’s Role Davis, Kohun
2015ViewEvaluating Business Intelligence / Davis, Woratschek
2015ViewStudent Engagement: the core model and inter-cohort analysis Davis, Kmetz
2014ViewAccess to on-line learning: a SAD case Kmetz, Davis
2010ViewCyber Forensics and Security as an Wood, Kohun, Ali, Paullet, Davis
2010ViewDetermining the Effectiveness of Various Delivery Methods in an Information Technology/Information Systems Curriculum Davis, Kovacs, Scarpino, Turchek
2009ViewAnalyzing the Progression of IS/IT Keywords as Assessed by a Regional Trade Association Kovacs, Davis, Caputo
2008ViewExploring Declining CS/IS/IT Enrollments Lenox, Woratschek, Davis
2012ViewThe Learning and Productivity Benefits to Student Programmers from Real-World Development Environments Debuse, Lawley
2007ViewUnwired: Student use of technology in the ubiquitous computing world. DeGagne, Wolk
2004ViewDesign and Implementation of a Doctoral Program of Management in Information Technology Steenkamp, DeGennaro
2011ViewEstablishing and applying criteria for evaluating the ease of use of dynamic platforms for teaching web application development Dehinbo
2010ViewContributions of traditional Web 1.0 tools e.g. email and Web 2.0 tools e.g. Weblog towards Knowledge Management Dehinbo
2010ViewThe Need, Use and Best Practices for the Implementation of Learning Managemebnt Systems in Organizations and Higher Education Institutions Dehinbo, Odunaike
2009ViewEvaluating the suitability of dynamic Web platforms for teaching exception handlings Dehinbo
2011ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
2017ViewA Mindful Approach to Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Undergraduate Students Online and in Person Cotler, DiTursi, Goldstein, Yates, Del Belso
2009ViewLeveraging Academic Resources in the ABET Accreditation Process: A Case from California University of Pennsylvania Kovalchick, Boff, DeLorenzo, Sible
2003ViewContinuous Improvement in an MSIS Graduate Program Dennis, Dennis
2003ViewContinuous Improvement in an MSIS Graduate Program Dennis, Dennis
2009ViewOffering a Digital Forensics Course in Anchorage, Alaska Desai, Fitzgerald, Hoanca
2006ViewIs This Course Right For You? Using Self-Tests For Students’ Placement Dettori, Steinbach, Kalin
2005ViewCourse Mentoring: Toward Achieving Consistency in the Curriculum Dettori, Kjellin
2008ViewA Comparison of Project Sponsor Behavior’s in Project Initiation: the Information Systems Perspective vs All Other Tesch, Kloppenborg, Dietz
2015ViewWhy Phishing Works: Project Ding, Pollacia, Yang
2017ViewA Mindful Approach to Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Undergraduate Students Online and in Person Cotler, DiTursi, Goldstein, Yates, Del Belso
2009ViewAjax Enabled Query Tool – The Capstone Experience Dollinger, Ford, Helf, Reimer
2009ViewBringing OOAD&P Together: A Synthesis Approach Goulet, Dollinger
2006ViewA Solution to Mixed-Type Comparisons in C# .NET Dollinger
2006ViewAutomating the Development of Data Access Layer Dollinger, Goulet, Gibbs
2008ViewLearning Style Trends and Laptop Use Patterns: Implication for Students in an IT Business School Prescod, Dong
2012ViewAn Expanded Study of Net Generation Perceptions on Privacy and Security on Social Networking Sites (SNS) Molluzzo, Lawler, Doshi
2016ViewAssessing Faculty Perceptions and Techniques to Combat Academic Dishonesty in Online Courses Paullet, Chawdhry, Douglas, Pinchot
2015ViewInformation Security in a World of Global Connectivity: A Case Study Lawrence, Olson, Douma
2011ViewIntegrating Statistical Visualization Research into the Political Science Classroom Draper, Liu, Riesenfeld
2014ViewGender Rationales and Success Factors in Assessing and Selecting a Major in Information Technology at the Undergraduate Level of a University Program: A Focus Group Approach Mishra, Draus, Caputo, Leone, Kohun, Repack
2006ViewUtilization of Robotics in Higher Education Drew, Esposito, Perakslis
2004ViewEnhancing The Web Customers Experience: Techniques and Business Impacts of Web Personalization and Customization Drogan, Hsu
2006ViewDesigning a Software Application to Implement the Provisions of a New Tax Regulation: A Collaborative Project for CIS and Taxation Students Helwig, Harrington, Drougas
2018ViewThe Challenges of Teaching Business Analytics: Finding Real Big Data for Business Students Yap, Drye
2018View“Hour of Code”: A Case Study Du, Wimmer, Rada
2006ViewAgile Computing Curricula Duben, Naugler, Surendran
2015ViewUSMCo Payroll System Cohill, Dudley, Gregg, Millette, Zinnecker, Havelka
2008ViewAssessing EMBA Programs: A Benchmarking Approach Hall, Dudley
2006ViewThe Role of Hybrid Learning Nets in Executive Management Education Hall, Dudley
2017ViewFacebook Enhanced College Courses and the Impact of Personality on Sense of Classroom Community Barczyk, Duncan
2016ViewFacebook's Effect on Learning in Higher Education: An Empirical Investigtion Duncan , Barczyk
2009ViewGender and Technology Careers: The Gap Continues Molluzzo, Dwyer
2006ViewLow Cost Collaborative Tools for Virtual Communication Dwyer, Malani