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2008ViewThe Design Charrette in the Classroom as a Method for Outcomes Based Action Learning in IS Design Eagen, Ngwenyama, Prescod
2017ViewSAPCO: From Good to Great Alsaif, Edinger, Kodathala, Korzaan
2009ViewA FPGA Paint Brush Application Edwards, Courtney, YANG
2006ViewThe Information Technology Model Curriculum Lawson, Reichgelt, Lunt, Ekstrom, Kamali, Miller, Gorka
2018ViewManaging an NSF-Funded Information Technology Scholarship Program Mahatanankoon, Hunter, El-Zanati
2005View Mapping the National Security Agency's Information Assurane Certification 4012 to the IS Curriculum: The Air Force Example Elder, Strouble, Bouvin
2011ViewUsing Business Analysis Software in a Business Intelligence Course Elizondo, Parzinger, Welch
2017ViewMicrosoft Excel®: Is It An Important Job Skill for College Graduates? Formby, Medlin, Ellington
2015ViewInternet Addiction Risk in the Academic Environment Ellis, McAleer, Szakas
2006ViewIssues in Measuring Time to Teach Information Systems Online Hislop, Ellis
2017ViewRaising the Bar: Challenging Students in a Capstone Project Course With an Android and Mobile Web Parallel Development Team Project Wong, Pepe, Englander
2013ViewA Collaborative Capstone to Develop a Mobile Hospital Clinic Application Through a Student Team Competition Wong, Pepe, Stahl, Englander
2008ViewAn Alternative Approach to Technology Infrastructure Presentation within the IS2002 Model Undergraduate Curriculum Englander
2011ViewTag Clouds as a Pathway to Improved Pedagogical Efficacy in Information Systems Courses: A Baseline Study Involving Web 2.0 Technologies Conn, Hall, English, Scheffler
2011ViewUsing Undergraduate Information Systems Student Epistemic Belief Data in Course Design: A Research-based Approach to Improve Student Academic Success Conn, English, Scheffler, Hall
2013ViewA Database Design and Development Case: Harris, Harris, Eplion
2006ViewUtilization of Robotics in Higher Education Drew, Esposito, Perakslis
2013ViewDeveloping a Bachelor’s Program in Health Information Technology Howard, Bishop-Clark, Evans, Rose
2009ViewA Qualitative Look at Alice and Pair-Programming Howard, Evans, Courte, Bishop-Clark
2015ViewAdding Value: Online Student Engagement Everett
2010ViewFactors that InfluenceTransfer of Learning from the Online Classroom Everett
2010ViewIntegrating Enterprise Systems Concepts in the B-School--A Regional University Perspective Hunt, Regan, Becka, Green, Everett, Hunt
2004ViewElectronic Commerce: An Alternative for Small Businesses Alijani, Amugo, Eweni, Welsh, Belkhouche
2004ViewDeveloping a Collaborative Learning Facility to Support Advanced Information Systems Courses: The LMU Experience Ewusi-Mensah, Seal, Abraham