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2003ViewTeaching the Complete Object-oriented Development Cycle, Including OOA and OOD, with UML and the UP Jackson, Satzinger
2018ViewLow-cost Cluster Computing Using Raspberry Pi with Mathematica Jacobus, Podeschi
2017ViewEmergence of Data Analytics in the Information Systems Curriculum Jafar, Babb, Abdullat
2012ViewReasserting the Fundamentals of Jafar, Babb
2008ViewData Mining Methods Course Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
2008ViewSoftware Academic Initiatives: Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
2007ViewTeaching Scalability Issues in Large Scale Database Application Development Anderson, Jafar, Abdullat
2015ViewBusiness Analytics in Practice and in Education: A Competency-based Perspective Mamonov, Misra, Jain
2005ViewCyber Terrorism: A Clear and Present Danger to Civilized Society? Jain
2017ViewIncreasing Student / Corporate Engagement Janicki, Cummings
2015ViewEstablishing the Basis for a CIS (Computer Information Systems) Undergraduate Degree Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Janicki, Feinstein
2015ViewIncorporating a Human-Computer Interaction Course into Software Development Curriculums Janicki, Cummings, Healy
2014ViewInformation Technology Job Skill Needs and Janicki, Cummings, Kline
2013ViewImplementing an Integrated Curriculum with an Iterative Process to Support a Capstone Course in Information Systems Reinicke, Janicki, Gebauer
2012ViewMultiple Submissions and their Impact on the ‘Path of Learning’ Gebauer, Janicki, Clark
2011ViewImpact of pre-grading / resubmission Janicki, Gebauer, Clark
2011ViewReal World Projects, Real World Problems: Reinicke, Janicki
2010ViewIncreasing active learning Reinicke, Janicki
2009ViewLess is more when developing PowerPoint Animations Mahar, Clark, Janicki
2008ViewInformation Systems/Technology Janicki, Lenox, Logan, Woratschek
2007ViewIncorporating Real World Projects and Emerging Technologies Janicki, Fischetti, Burns
2006ViewA Case for Personal Knowledge Management in the Information Systems Curriculum Burns, Janicki
2006ViewA Guide for Establishing an Advisory Board for an Information Systems Department: Benefits and Lessons Learned Janicki
2006ViewJumping off the Distance Education Bandwagon: Adding Learning Theory into the Strategy -2 Janicki, Burns
2004ViewMatching Employer Needs With IS Curriculum: An Exploratory Study Janicki, Kline, Gowan, Robert
2003ViewAn Action Learning Model to Increase Critical Thinking Skills in an ALN Masters Information Systems Capstone Course Burns, Janicki
2006ViewAssessment Loop for the MIS Program at Central Connecticut State University: A Practice of Learning, Reflection and Sharing Petkova, Jarmoszko
2017ViewComparing Student Interaction in Asynchronous Online Discussions and in Face-to-Face Settings: Javadi, Gebauer, Novotny
2006ViewDesigning an MIS Major for a Liberal Arts College Howatt, Jensen
2006ViewIntegrating Ethics into the Curriculum: A Case Study on Developing an Ethics Colloquium Jensen, Christianson, Larson, Shilts
2006ViewTransition from Industry to Academia: Reflections of Three New Faculty Members Jensen, Rabe, Wee
2003ViewCultivating an MIS Faculty for a Tenure-Eligible Position at a Small Private College Wee, Jensen, Christianson
2013ViewA Pedagogical Approach Toward Teaching An Jesse
2012ViewFactors influencing students' decisions to major in a computer-related discipline Lenox, Jesse, Woratschek
2017ViewCourse Design and Technology For Synchronous Interaction in an Online Course Kreie, Johnson, Lebsock
2009ViewClarifying Computing Study Choices for the Student Takeda, Johnson
2008View“WAC”ked: A Case Study Incorporating a Writing Process Into an IS Class Takeda, Crabtree, Johnson
2007ViewVirtual Laboratory Intrusion Detection Experience for Information Systems Professionals Harvey, Johnson, Turchek
2006ViewRedesign of Introduction to Computers Course Mackin, Johnson, Paranto
2003ViewA Brief Tutorial in Traditional vs. OO Programming Using Java Johnson
2003ViewA Review of Premier Information Systems Journals for Pedagogical Orientation Liegle, Johnson
2003ViewCIS Curriculum Development Post-Dot-Com Liegle, Johnson
2003ViewGrade Distribution and Its Impact on CIS Faculty Evaluations: 1992-2002 McDonald, Johnson
2003ViewWill Handheld Computers Succeed in College? Johnson, Rudd
2018ViewInternational Service Learning in IS Programs: The Next Phase – An Implementation Experience Jones, Ceccucci
2015ViewThe Effectiveness of Data Science as a means to achieve Proficiency in Scientific Literacy Ceccucci, Tamarkin, Jones
2003ViewA Case-Based Approach to Integrating an Information Technology Curriculum Hartzel, Spangler, Gal-Or, Jones
2003ViewIntegrating Agile Development Methodologies into the Project Capstone - A Case Study Jones
2009ViewTailoring an MIS degree: incorporating current skills in an accelerated format. jordan, henderson, schaefer
2004ViewConsiderations for Partitioning Application Activities in a Multi-Tiered Environment jordan
2018ViewDiversity in Information Systems: Increasing Opportunities in STEM for Capable Students with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Lawler, Joseph, Greene
2018ViewIncreasing Advocacy for Information Systems Students with Disabilities through Disability Film Festivals at a Major Metropolitan University Lawler, Joseph
2017ViewBig Data Analytics Methodology in the Financial Industry Lawler, Joseph
2016ViewA Big Data Analytics Methodology Program in the Health Sector Lawler, Joseph, Howell-Barber
2015ViewEngaging College Students in Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities through a Disability Film Media Project Lawler, Iturralde, Joseph, Goldstein
2014ViewEntrepreneurial Health Informatics for Computer Science and Information Systems Students Lawler, Joseph, Narula
2012ViewCloud Computing as a Core Discipline in a Technology Entrepreneurship Program Lawler, Joseph
2010ViewEducating Information Systems Students on Business Process Management (BPM) through Digital Gaming Metaphors of Virtual Reality Lawler, Joseph
2008ViewTeaching Students How to Evaluate Sources in Online Research Willison, Joseph
2007ViewEthics in the Pedagogy of Information Systems Joseph
2006ViewInformation Warfare Joseph, Himes
2006ViewImplementing Industry Certification in an IS Curriculum: An Australian Experience Jovanovic, Nikakis, Bentley, Stein
2017ViewClosing The Gender Gap in the Technology Major Jung, Clark, Patterson, Pence