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2009ViewA Case Study: Developing an Architectural Description for the Technology-Communications Engineering Viewpoint Steenkamp, Sabri Alomari, Mousa Basal , Kakish
2009ViewBridging the Digital Divide in Undergraduate Business Information Systems Education Kraft, Kakish, Steenkamp
2009ViewImproving the Global Supply Chain Through Tightening Information Technolgoy Security Kakish
2007ViewThe Value of a Project-Based Approach to Teaching e-Commerce in MBA Programs Kakish, McCord
2006ViewIs This Course Right For You? Using Self-Tests For Students’ Placement Dettori, Steinbach, Kalin
2009ViewAssessment of Student Outcomes in Management Information Systems Online Course Participation Omar, Kalulu, Bhutta
2015ViewAssessing Cyber-bullying in Higher Education Kamali
2013ViewAntecedents of Adopting e-Learning: Toward a Model of Academic e-Learning Acceptance Culture Kamali
2006ViewThe Information Technology Model Curriculum Lawson, Reichgelt, Lunt, Ekstrom, Kamali, Miller, Gorka
2009ViewA Survey of Communication Media Utilized During IS Group Projects Kaplan
2009ViewThe Pedagogy of Utilizing Lengthy and Multifaceted Projects in Capstone Experiences Hashemi, Kellersberger
2007ViewBuilding an International Resource Center Web Site -- A Capstone Senior Project Course Experience Kellersberger, Hashemi
2006ViewGroup Projects in in-ground Undergraduate and On-Line Graduate Degree Program: Guidelines for Success Miles, Kelm
2015ViewSteganography and Cryptography Inspired Enhancement of Introductory Programming Courses Kortsarts, Kempner
2007ViewStandardization of Internet Retail e-Business Solutions Kesthong, Wei
2005ViewTools for Hybrid Instruction - Classroom and Distance Instruction in Synchronous and Asynchronous Modes Sigle, Prince, Key, Critcher
2003ViewOrganizational System Integration Through Emerging Technologies Khoo
2013ViewImproving healthcare administration: Real time Lawrence, Firth, khumalo
2011ViewA Model for Long Term Assessment of Computing and Information Systems Programs Al-Mubaid, Abeysekera, Kim, Perkins-Hall, Yue
2005ViewTowards a WebCenter for Pedagogical Freeware Collaborative Review and Retrieval Kim, Scher, Turoff
2010ViewEmphasizing Business Analysis to Increase IS Enrollments Kizior, Hidding
2003ViewContinued Relevance of COBOL in Business and Academia: Current Situation and Comparison to the Year 2000 Study Carr, Kizior
2005ViewCourse Mentoring: Toward Achieving Consistency in the Curriculum Dettori, Kjellin
2011ViewTexting and the Efficacy of Mnemonics: Is Too Much Texting Detrimental? Ryker, Viosca, Lawrence, Kleen
2014ViewInvestigating a 21st Century Paradox: As the Demand for Technology Jobs Increases Why Are Fewer Students Majoring in Information Systems? Burns, Gao, Sherman, Vengerov, Klein
2006ViewPost-Implementation Review of an Introduction of WebCT Michele , Petkov, Kleine
2016ViewStreamlining the Capstone Process: A Time-Saving Approval System For Graduate Theses/Projects Grooms, Kline, Cummings
2014ViewInformation Technology Job Skill Needs and Janicki, Cummings, Kline
2013ViewBuilding an Effective Kline, Vetter, Barnhill
2005ViewA Macro Approach to Relational Database Modeling Kline, Riggle
2004ViewMatching Employer Needs With IS Curriculum: An Exploratory Study Janicki, Kline, Gowan, Robert
2008ViewA Comparison of Project Sponsor Behavior’s in Project Initiation: the Information Systems Perspective vs All Other Tesch, Kloppenborg, Dietz
2015ViewStudent Engagement: the core model and inter-cohort analysis Davis, Kmetz
2014ViewAccess to on-line learning: a SAD case Kmetz, Davis
2009ViewFactors Influencing Females Whether to Become Computer Information Systems Majors Holt, Hunsinger, Knight
2009ViewEnhancing Decision Sciences Education Hall, Ko
2006ViewProfitability of Outsourcing Information Technology Kocakülâh, Holzmeyer, Albin
2017ViewSAPCO: From Good to Great Alsaif, Edinger, Kodathala, Korzaan
2014ViewGender Rationales and Success Factors in Assessing and Selecting a Major in Information Technology at the Undergraduate Level of a University Program: A Focus Group Approach Mishra, Draus, Caputo, Leone, Kohun, Repack
2012ViewImproving the LMS Selection Process: Laverty, Wood, Tannehill, Kohun, Turchek
2010ViewCyber Forensics and Security as an Wood, Kohun, Ali, Paullet, Davis
2009ViewCultural Influence on Social Isolation in Doctoral Programs and Doctoral Attrition – A Case Study Ali, Kohun
2009ViewSystems Oriented Architecture, Unified Process Life Cycle, and IS Model Curriculum Compatibility: Meeting Industry Needs Kohun, Wood, Laverty
2003ViewABET CAC Accreditation Experience - Intent and Reality - The Information Systems Perspective Kohun, Wood
2017ViewRole-Playing and Problem-Based Learning: Pike, Spangler, Williams, Kollar
2006ViewA Study Of Course Management Software Features Koong, Liu
2004ViewInformation Certification under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Implications for Computing Educators Cantu, Gonzalez, Leal , Koong, Liu
2009ViewAsk the Audience…Using Clickers to Enhance Introductory Business Statistics Courses Koppel, Berenson
2016ViewStalled ERP at Random Textiles Brumberg, Kops, Little, Gamble, Underbakke, Havelka
2015ViewSteganography and Cryptography Inspired Enhancement of Introductory Programming Courses Kortsarts, Kempner
2010ViewDeveloping Oral and Written Communication Skills in Undergraduate Computer Science and Information Systems Curriculum Kortsarts, Fischbach, Rufinus, Utell, Yoon
2010ViewInterdisciplinary introductory Course in Bioinfomatics Kortsarts, Morris, Utell
2009ViewIntroduction to Computer Forensics for Non-Majors Kortsarts, Harver
2007ViewIntegrating Project Component into the Introductory Computer Science and Information Systems Curriculum Kortsarts, Rufinus
2006ViewTeaching an Introductory Programming Course for Non-Majors Using Python Rufinus, Kortsarts
2005ViewParallel Computing for IS Majors Rufinus, Kortsarts
2017ViewSAPCO: From Good to Great Alsaif, Edinger, Kodathala, Korzaan
2016ViewAdvancing Student Productivity: An Introduction to Evernote Korzaan, Lawrence
2014ViewA Preliminary Comparison of Student and Professional Motivations for Choosing Information Systems Brooks, Korzaan, Ceccucci
2010ViewDetermining the Effectiveness of Various Delivery Methods in an Information Technology/Information Systems Curriculum Davis, Kovacs, Scarpino, Turchek
2009ViewAnalyzing the Progression of IS/IT Keywords as Assessed by a Regional Trade Association Kovacs, Davis, Caputo
2009ViewMerging Object-Oriented Programming, Database Design, Requirements Analysis, and Web Technologies In An Active Learning Environment Kovacs
2006ViewDefining the Essential Skill and Functional Areas of Study in Information Technology as Measured by a Survey of Field Professionals Caputo, Kovacs, Turchek
2005ViewA Project-based Model for an Advanced Web Site Design and E-Commerce Course Kovacs
2003ViewOptimizing for Search Indexes Kovacs
2009ViewLeveraging Academic Resources in the ABET Accreditation Process: A Case from California University of Pennsylvania Kovalchick, Boff, DeLorenzo, Sible
2011ViewComputer Ethics: A Slow Fade from Black and White to Shades of Gray Kraft
2009ViewBridging the Digital Divide in Undergraduate Business Information Systems Education Kraft, Kakish, Steenkamp
2008ViewSystematic and Holistic IT Project Management Approach for Commercial Software Kraft
2017ViewCourse Design and Technology For Synchronous Interaction in an Online Course Kreie, Johnson, Lebsock
2015ViewCourse Redesign Based Kreie, Bussmann
2012ViewMicrosoft Enterprise Consortium: Kreie, Hashemi
2011ViewAn Enterprise System and a Business Simulation Kreie, Shannon, Mora-Monge
2010ViewGoing from data to decisions: Preparing Kreie, Mora-Monge, Shannon
2009ViewEffectiveness of Teaching Ethics: Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
2007ViewIssue-Continguent Ethical Views - A Comparison Using Pathfinder Associative Networks Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
2007ViewExperience Designing and Teaching a Hands-On Project-Based Networking Technologies Course for IS and IT Krishnamoorthy
2012ViewStudents’ Responses to Ethical Dilemmas in an Academic Setting and in the Work Place Teer, Kruck
2011ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
2017ViewPursuing a Vendor-Endorsed ERP Award for Better Job Prospect: Students' Perceptions Kung, Kung
2017ViewPursuing a Vendor-Endorsed ERP Award for Better Job Prospect: Students' Perceptions Kung, Kung
2013ViewComparing Top-down with Bottom-up Approaches: Kung, Kung, Gardiner
2013ViewComparing Top-down with Bottom-up Approaches: Kung, Kung, Gardiner
2004ViewIntention-Directed Modeling Technique Kuofie, Wagner
2007ViewForecasting Computer Crime Complaints Omar, Kwanbunbumpen, Alijani