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2018ViewThe Urgency for Innovation: A Case Study on Cybersecurity Education Convergence of High School and Higher Education in Rural Communities Nakama, Paullet
2018ViewSuper Saturday Series (S3) Dashboard in Power View Napier
2014ViewEntrepreneurial Health Informatics for Computer Science and Information Systems Students Lawler, Joseph, Narula
2012ViewBeyond the Bake Sale: Snyder, Carpenter, Slauson, Skinner, Nash
2009ViewAn Analysis and Design Case Suitable for Procedural and Object Oriented Approaches Surendran, Naugler
2007ViewA Perspective on the Use of Modeling Diagrams in CS/IS Curricula Naugler, Surendran
2006ViewAgile Computing Curricula Duben, Naugler, Surendran
2004ViewSimplicity First: Use of Tools in Undergraduate Computer Science and Information Systems Teaching Naugler, Surendran
2011ViewA Community-Based Research Approach to Develop an Educational Web Portal Preiser-Houy, Navarrete
2004ViewService-Learning Impact on IS Students in a Web Development Course Guthrie, Navarrete
2013ViewEnhancing the IT Infrastructure at Saint Philip’s Naydenova, White
2015ViewA Basic Set of Criteria for Evaluation of Havelka, Neal
2011ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
2006ViewWhither IS? Issues and Problems in Classifying CC2005 Programs Using CIP Codes Leidig, Nezlek, Reynolds
2003ViewDeveloping and Using an Integrated Collection of Rich Real-Life Analogies and Metaphors in the Teaching of Complex IT Concepts Nguyen
2008ViewThe Design Charrette in the Classroom as a Method for Outcomes Based Action Learning in IS Design Eagen, Ngwenyama, Prescod
2011ViewIs there a Student ‘Disconnect?’ First-year Hybrid Class Teachers’ Observations and Recommendations for Improving Student Engagement in Information Systems Classes Parris, Beaver, Nickels, Crabtree
2006ViewIs Database Curriculum Information Systems or Information Technology: An Accreditation Dilemma Nicolai
2003ViewIdentifying Effective Factors for Women Participation in Technology: A Database Model Nicolai
2006ViewImplementing Industry Certification in an IS Curriculum: An Australian Experience Jovanovic, Nikakis, Bentley, Stein
2016ViewBlack Box Thinking: Analysis of a Service Outsourcing Case in Insurance Witman, Njunge
2008ViewAn Architectural and Process Model Approach to Information Security Management Nnolim, Steenkamp
2007ViewModeling Information and Business Systems Architectures – a Team Project Steenkamp, Schiller, Allour, Lyons, Nnolim
2014ViewBig Data in the Information Age: Exploring the Intellectual Foundation of Communication Theory Borkovich, Noah
2009ViewCapstone Projects: Putting the Pieces Together Malinowski, Noble
2008ViewFaculty Research and Development in the Technology Disciplines Sendall, Poteat, Noonan
2017ViewComparing Student Interaction in Asynchronous Online Discussions and in Face-to-Face Settings: Javadi, Gebauer, Novotny