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2014ViewEntrepreneurial Health Informatics for Computer Science and Information Systems Students Lawler, Joseph, Narula
2012ViewBeyond the Bake Sale: Snyder, Carpenter, Slauson, Skinner, Nash
2009ViewAn Analysis and Design Case Suitable for Procedural and Object Oriented Approaches Surendran, Naugler
2007ViewA Perspective on the Use of Modeling Diagrams in CS/IS Curricula Naugler, Surendran
2006ViewAgile Computing Curricula Duben, Naugler, Surendran
2004ViewSimplicity First: Use of Tools in Undergraduate Computer Science and Information Systems Teaching Naugler, Surendran
2011ViewA Community-Based Research Approach to Develop an Educational Web Portal Preiser-Houy, Navarrete
2004ViewService-Learning Impact on IS Students in a Web Development Course Guthrie, Navarrete
2013ViewEnhancing the IT Infrastructure at Saint Philip’s Naydenova, White
2015ViewA Basic Set of Criteria for Evaluation of Havelka, Neal
2011ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
2006ViewWhither IS? Issues and Problems in Classifying CC2005 Programs Using CIP Codes Leidig, Nezlek, Reynolds
2003ViewDeveloping and Using an Integrated Collection of Rich Real-Life Analogies and Metaphors in the Teaching of Complex IT Concepts Nguyen
2008ViewThe Design Charrette in the Classroom as a Method for Outcomes Based Action Learning in IS Design Eagen, Ngwenyama, Prescod
2011ViewIs there a Student ‘Disconnect?’ First-year Hybrid Class Teachers’ Observations and Recommendations for Improving Student Engagement in Information Systems Classes Parris, Beaver, Nickels, Crabtree
2006ViewIs Database Curriculum Information Systems or Information Technology: An Accreditation Dilemma Nicolai
2003ViewIdentifying Effective Factors for Women Participation in Technology: A Database Model Nicolai
2006ViewImplementing Industry Certification in an IS Curriculum: An Australian Experience Jovanovic, Nikakis, Bentley, Stein
2016ViewBlack Box Thinking: Analysis of a Service Outsourcing Case in Insurance Witman, Njunge
2008ViewAn Architectural and Process Model Approach to Information Security Management Nnolim, Steenkamp
2007ViewModeling Information and Business Systems Architectures – a Team Project Steenkamp, Schiller, Allour, Lyons, Nnolim
2014ViewBig Data in the Information Age: Exploring the Intellectual Foundation of Communication Theory Borkovich, Noah
2009ViewCapstone Projects: Putting the Pieces Together Malinowski, Noble
2008ViewFaculty Research and Development in the Technology Disciplines Sendall, Poteat, Noonan
2017ViewComparing Student Interaction in Asynchronous Online Discussions and in Face-to-Face Settings: Javadi, Gebauer, Novotny