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2004ViewSWOT Analysis and Theory of Constraint in Information Technology Projects Sabbaghi, Vaidyanathan
2009ViewA Pedagogical Expert System for Adapted and Therapeutic Exercise: An Interdisciplinary Approach Valentine, Arnhold
2009ViewAn Approach to Teaching IT Life Cycle Processes Steenkamp, Van
2009ViewA Course in Storage Technologies from EMC Corporation For Use In Computer Science and/or Information Technology Curricula Van Sickle
2012ViewMarket Basket Analysis for Non-Programmers Yoder, Vandenberg, Breimer
2016ViewAcclimating Students to Technology Frydenberg, VanderClock
2015ViewEmpowering Freshmen with Technology Skills: Wireless Routers VanderClock
2008ViewEmpowering Freshmen with Technology Skills: A Security Check Approach Gorgone, VanderClock
2010ViewXBRL: Beyond Basic XML VanLengen
2009ViewComputer Literacy Proficiency Testing VanLengen
2009ViewCreating Web Services for Legacy COBOL VanLengen, Haney
2009ViewSupply of Computer Graduates Is Not Binary! VanLengen
2009ViewWhat Should IS Majors Know About Regulatory Compliance? VanLengen
2006ViewFundamentals of Information Systems Alternatives VanLengen, Haney
2010ViewThe Integrated Technology Assessment: A Portfolio-Based Capstone Experience Shih, LeClair, Varden
2006ViewTeaching a Collaborative Model of IS Development through Problem-Based Learning Vat
2005ViewSystems Architecting of IS Support for Learning Organizations: The Scenario-Based Design Challenge in Human Activity Systems Vat
2003ViewArchitecting of Learning Organizations: The IS Practitioners Challenge in Systems Thinking Vat
2014ViewInvestigating a 21st Century Paradox: As the Demand for Technology Jobs Increases Why Are Fewer Students Majoring in Information Systems? Burns, Gao, Sherman, Vengerov, Klein
2006ViewSimulated Machine (Assembler): Learn the Anatomy – Then move to the Tools Verbrugge
2013ViewBuilding an Effective Kline, Vetter, Barnhill
2011ViewTexting and the Efficacy of Mnemonics: Is Too Much Texting Detrimental? Ryker, Viosca, Lawrence, Kleen
2008ViewDoes Information Systems (IS) Really Matter in Business Colleges? McDonald, Viscelli
2006ViewWhy Do I Have To Take Calculus? Gerhardt, Vogel, Wu