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2008ViewStudent Perceptions of Information Technology Preparedness and Important Job Skills Woodward, Ashby, Litteken, Zamora
2003ViewFundamental Patterns for Logic Design Zant
2004ViewAn Information System Security Course for the Undergraduate Information Systems Curriculum Steele, Stojkovic, Zaveri
2011ViewIntegrating Health Information Systems Into a Database Course: A Case Study Anderson, Zhang, McMaster
2004ViewDecision Support System: A Study of Telework Initiatives Gilyot, Zhang, Alijani, Thangada
2016ViewEngaging Students as Co-Lecturers in Information Systems and Technology Courses Zheng, Li
2010ViewBusiness Students’ Learning with Online Discussion Forums: The Case of a Virtual Classroom Community Zhu
2010ViewDeveloping the Cyber Defenders of Tomorrow with Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions (CCDC) Carlin, Manson, Zhu
2003ViewA Method for Enhancing the Success of Service-Learning Projects in Information Systems Curricula Wilcox, Zigurs
2015ViewUSMCo Payroll System Cohill, Dudley, Gregg, Millette, Zinnecker, Havelka
2003ViewCreating a Collaborative B2B Environment in the Classroom: Evaluation of Methods Utilized in an International Simulation over a 4-Year Period Antonucci, zur Muehlen