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InstitutionYear PubArticleTitleAuthors
Abu Dhabi University2011ViewCulturally Sensitive IS Teaching: Lessons Learned to Manage Motivation Issues Chen
Adelphi University2005ViewTeaching the Blind to Program Visually Siegfried, Obianyo-Agu
ADP2009ViewA Case Study: Developing an Architectural Description for the Technology-Communications Engineering Viewpoint Steenkamp, Sabri Alomari, Mousa Basal , Kakish
AI2008ViewData Mining Methods Course Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
AI2008ViewSoftware Academic Initiatives: Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
AI2007ViewTeaching Scalability Issues in Large Scale Database Application Development Anderson, Jafar, Abdullat
American Public University System2011ViewAssessing Blackboard: Improving Online Instructional Delivery Chawdhry, Paullet, Benjamin
American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina2006ViewBusiness Geographic Information Systems- A Course In Business Geomapping Reames
American University of Afghanistan2011ViewA Validation Study of Student Differentiation Between Computing Disciplines Battig, Shariq
Appalachian State University2009ViewFactors Influencing Females Whether to Become Computer Information Systems Majors Holt, Hunsinger, Knight
Appalachian State University2008ViewEncouraging Students to Choose a Computer Related Major: The Influence of Guidance Counselors Saunders, Hunsinger
Appalachian State University2005ViewAligning IT Skills Training With Online Asynchronous Learning Multimedia Technologies Hayashi, Chen, Terase
Appalachian State University2005ViewUse of Online Assessment Tools to Enhance Student Performance in Large Classes Amoroso
Azusa Pacific University2011ViewA Relational Algebra Query Language McMaster, Sambasivam, Anderson
Azusa Pacific University2010ViewA Probability Model for Belady's Anomaly McMaster, Sambasivam, Anderson
Azusa Pacific University2005ViewReconciling Principle and Practice in a LAN Course: A Simulation and Lab Mixed Approach Li, Sambasivam
Azusa Pacific University2005ViewSMARTVIEW - An Intelligent Expert System Tool using JAVA and JESS Framework Sambasivam, Davies
Azusa Pacific University2003ViewQuestion Difficulty Assessment in Intelligent Tutor Systems for Computer Architecture Li, Sambasivam