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Dakota State University2005ViewMobile, Agile, Versatile: The Use of Tablet PCs and Wireless Technology in Introductory Programming McKeown
Dakota State University2003ViewContinuous Improvement in an MSIS Graduate Program Dennis, Dennis
Dalton State College2012ViewStrategies for Ensuring Computer Literacy Among Undergraduate Business Students: A Marketing Survey of AACSB-Accredited Schools Hungerford, Baxter, LeMay, Helms
Dalton State College2011ViewPredicting Success in the Introduction to Computers Course: GPA vs. Student’s Self-Efficacy Scores Baxter, Hungerford, Helms
DAMA International Foundation2010ViewA Recommendation for A Professional Focus Area in Data Management Longenecker, Henderson, Smith , Smith, Yarbrough
DAMA International Foundation2006ViewDAMA Foundation Model Curriculum Framework for Post Secondary Programs in Data Resource Management Henderson, Cupoli, Hoffer, Smith
DePaul University2010ViewBest Practices: A Cure for the New Prep Headache? Burns, Steinbach
DePaul University2007ViewIncorporating Real World Projects and Emerging Technologies Janicki, Fischetti, Burns
DePaul University2006ViewA Case for Personal Knowledge Management in the Information Systems Curriculum Burns, Janicki
DePaul University2006ViewIs This Course Right For You? Using Self-Tests For Students’ Placement Dettori, Steinbach, Kalin
DePaul University2006ViewJumping off the Distance Education Bandwagon: Adding Learning Theory into the Strategy -2 Janicki, Burns
DePaul University2005ViewCourse Mentoring: Toward Achieving Consistency in the Curriculum Dettori, Kjellin
DePaul University2005ViewTechnology Adoption in E-Commerce Education: A Case Study Yan, Fang
DePaul University2003ViewAn Action Learning Model to Increase Critical Thinking Skills in an ALN Masters Information Systems Capstone Course Burns, Janicki
DePaul University2003ViewInformed Discussion in Information Technology Survey Courses Settle, Berthiaume, Lulis, Mirza
Dominican College New York2004ViewThe Online Global B-School: FDUs Quest to Establish its Business School Presence in the Online, Global Community Hsu
Dominican University2006ViewDesigning a Software Application to Implement the Provisions of a New Tax Regulation: A Collaborative Project for CIS and Taxation Students Helwig, Harrington, Drougas
Dominican University2006ViewUsing a “Real” Systems Development Project to Enrich a Systems Analysis and Design Course Helwig
Drexel University2009ViewA Survey of Communication Media Utilized During IS Group Projects Kaplan
Drexel University2006ViewIssues in Measuring Time to Teach Information Systems Online Hislop, Ellis
Duquesne University2017ViewRole-Playing and Problem-Based Learning: Pike, Spangler, Williams, Kollar
Duquesne University2016ViewSingle Sourcing, Boilerplates, and Re-Purposing: Plagiarism and Technical Writing Louch
Duquesne University2015ViewLive, Model, Learn: Experiencing Information Systems Requirements through Simulation Hartzel, Pike
Duquesne University2014ViewThe Influence of Typeface on Students’ Perceptions of Online Instructors Louch, Stork
Duquesne University2010ViewDiscovering Adjunct Communication Methods Outside the Classroom: An Exploratory Study Serapiglia, Woratschek, Louch
Duquesne University2003ViewA Case-Based Approach to Integrating an Information Technology Curriculum Hartzel, Spangler, Gal-Or, Jones