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Eastern Connecticut State University2008ViewThe Work System Model as a Tool for Understanding the Problem in an Introductory IS Project Petkov
Eastern Connecticut State University2006ViewPost-Implementation Review of an Introduction of WebCT Michele , Petkov, Kleine
Eastern Kentucky University2003ViewContinued Relevance of COBOL in Business and Academia: Current Situation and Comparison to the Year 2000 Study Carr, Kizior
Ecole Centrale de Paris2014ViewEducational Software for First Order Logic Semantics in Introductory Logic Courses Mauco, Ferrante, Felice
Edgewood College2006ViewGroup Projects in in-ground Undergraduate and On-Line Graduate Degree Program: Guidelines for Success Miles, Kelm
Elon University2005ViewA System for Teaching MIS and MBA Students to Deploy a Scalable Database-driven Web Architecture for B2C E-Commerce Yap, Loebbecke
Engineering Software Solutions2016ViewStreamlining the Capstone Process: A Time-Saving Approval System For Graduate Theses/Projects Grooms, Kline, Cummings
Excelsior College2010ViewThe Integrated Technology Assessment: A Portfolio-Based Capstone Experience Shih, LeClair, Varden