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Eastern Connecticut State University2008ViewThe Work System Model as a Tool for Understanding the Problem in an Introductory IS Project Petkov
Eastern Connecticut State University2006ViewPost-Implementation Review of an Introduction of WebCT Michele , Petkov, Kleine
Eastern Kentucky University2003ViewContinued Relevance of COBOL in Business and Academia: Current Situation and Comparison to the Year 2000 Study Carr, Kizior
Edgewood College2006ViewGroup Projects in in-ground Undergraduate and On-Line Graduate Degree Program: Guidelines for Success Miles, Kelm
Elon University2005ViewA System for Teaching MIS and MBA Students to Deploy a Scalable Database-driven Web Architecture for B2C E-Commerce Yap, Loebbecke
Excelsior College2010ViewThe Integrated Technology Assessment: A Portfolio-Based Capstone Experience Shih, LeClair, Varden