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InstitutionYear PubArticleTitleAuthors
Fairfield University2004ViewDumpster Diving and Information Responsibility: Research Projects as Change Agents Chepaitis
Fairleigh Dickinson2004ViewEnhancing The Web Customers Experience: Techniques and Business Impacts of Web Personalization and Customization Drogan, Hsu
Farmingdale State University2011ViewBeyond Introductory Programming: Success Factors for Advanced Programming Hoskey, Maurino
Farmingdale State University2011ViewOnline Support Services for Undergraduate Millennial Students Pullan
Farmingdale State University2009ViewTechnical Classes Online: A Different Breed of Learning? Maurino, Federman, Greenwald
Fitchburg State College2006ViewTeaching Systems Analysis and Design: Bringing the Real World into Classroom Chen
Florida Institute of Technology2008ViewAn Architectural and Process Model Approach to Information Security Management Nnolim, Steenkamp
Florida Institute of Technology2007ViewModeling Information and Business Systems Architectures – a Team Project Steenkamp, Schiller, Allour, Lyons, Nnolim
Florida Memorial University2009ViewEstablishing the Worthiness of Information Systems Data through Information Engineering Ugboma
Florida Memorial University2006ViewHow Valuable is Planned Data Redundancy in Maintaining the Integrity of an Information System through its Database Ugboma
Framingham University2007ViewExperience Designing and Teaching a Hands-On Project-Based Networking Technologies Course for IS and IT Krishnamoorthy
Franklin University2006ViewThe Business of Information Technology: An Integrated, Multi-disciplinary Approach to a Capstone Experience for Management Information Sciences Students Morgan, Aitken