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IBM2016ViewHow secure is education in Information Technology? A method for evaluating security education in IT Grover, Reinicke, Cummings
Illinois State University2018ViewManaging an NSF-Funded Information Technology Scholarship Program Mahatanankoon, Hunter, El-Zanati
Illinois State University2017ViewComparing Student Interaction in Asynchronous Online Discussions and in Face-to-Face Settings: Javadi, Gebauer, Novotny
Illinois State University2008ViewTeaching ASP.NET in an Information Systems Curriculum Wallace, Wolf
Illinois State University2007ViewIntegrating Service-Oriented Paradigm Into Introductory IS Courses Lim
Illinois State University2004ViewIntention-Directed Modeling Technique Kuofie, Wagner
Illinois State University2003ViewFundamental Patterns for Logic Design Zant
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2010ViewCyber Forensics and Security as an Wood, Kohun, Ali, Paullet, Davis
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2009ViewCultural Influence on Social Isolation in Doctoral Programs and Doctoral Attrition – A Case Study Ali, Kohun
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2009ViewEffectiveness of Online Discussion Groups Filipski, Bigrigg
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2009ViewHow Distance Education Has Changed Teaching and the Role of the Instructor ONeil
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2009ViewIssues and Challenges for Selecting a Programming Language in a Technology Update Course Ali, Mensch
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2006ViewThe Effective Use of Web-Based Training and Assessment in a Computer Literacy CourseCOMPUTER LITERACY COURSE ONeil
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2003ViewTechnology and Academic Integrity, Cheating Goes Cyber ONeil
Indiana University South Bend2004ViewSWOT Analysis and Theory of Constraint in Information Technology Projects Sabbaghi, Vaidyanathan
Indiana University Southeast2017ViewAmerican Guild of Musical Artists: A Case for System Development, Data Modeling, and Analytics Harris, Wedel
Indiana University Southeast2017ViewCoin Counter: Gamification for Classroom Management Carlson, Harris, Harris
Indiana University Southeast2013ViewA Database Design and Development Case: Harris, Harris, Eplion
Indiana University Southeast2011ViewWhat Predicts Student Success in Harris, Harris, Lambert
Indiana University Southeast2009ViewA Systems Analysis and Design Course Experience with both MIS and CS Majors Harris
Indiana University Southeast2009ViewA Systems Analysis and Design Semester Project: A Stand-alone Project vs. a Competitive Project Harris
Indiana University Southeast2009ViewTeaching Ethics in MIS Courses: An Introduction to Ethical Intensity and Eight Short Ethical Dilemmas for the Classroom Harris, Harris
Indiana University Southeast2008ViewA Database Design and Development Case: Harris, Cline, Cooley
Indiana University Southeast2004ViewThe COBOL DFA Tool Finkbine
Ithaca College2010ViewA Study of the Programming Languages Used in Information Systems and Computer Science Curricula Russell, Russell, Tastle, Pollacia
Ithaca College2010ViewMeasuring Faculty Instructional Performance Tastle
Ithaca College2010ViewVirtual Teams: Preparing Students for Global IT Management: An Empirical Exercise on three Campuses and Two Countries White, Tastle, Semeniuta
Ithaca College2009ViewAssessing Team Performance in Information Systems Projects Tastle, Boasson, Wierman
Ithaca College2008ViewA New Measure to Analyze Student Performance Using the Likert Scale Tastle, Russell, Wierman
Ithaca College2008ViewThe IS Model Curriculum and Offshoring: A Case for Revision White, Tastle
Ithaca College2006ViewA New Tool in IS Management: Geographic Information Systems Boasson, Boasson, Tastle
Ithaca College2006ViewExtending the Consensus Measure: Analyzing Ordinal Data With Respect to Extrema Tastle, Tastle
Ithaca College2006ViewIT Innovations in IT Industries: Does IT pay off? Boasson, Boasson
Ithaca College2006ViewThe Stock Market Valuation of IT Innovations: Evidence from the Investment Banking Industry Boasson, Boasson
Ithaca College2005ViewTeaching Soft Skills in a Systems Development Capstone Class Russell, Russell, Tastle
Ithaca College2003ViewThe State of Systems Analysis and Design Russell, Tastle, Pollacia