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Kent State University2009ViewTeaching Relational Database Concepts to Computer Literacy Students: The Spreadsheet Metaphor Steinberg
Kent State University2008ViewHow Effective is Student-Centric Edutainment in Large Introductory IS Survey Courses? Bakke, Faley, Steinberg
Kent State University2008ViewInformation Systems/Technology Janicki, Lenox, Logan, Woratschek
Kentucky State University2011ViewTag Clouds as a Pathway to Improved Pedagogical Efficacy in Information Systems Courses: A Baseline Study Involving Web 2.0 Technologies Conn, Hall, English, Scheffler
Kentucky State University2011ViewUsing Undergraduate Information Systems Student Epistemic Belief Data in Course Design: A Research-based Approach to Improve Student Academic Success Conn, English, Scheffler, Hall
Kentucky State University2010ViewScaling large-size undergraduate classes at a top research university via eLearning strate-gies: A facilitated model of instruction using a Web 2.0 paradigm Conn, Hu, Boyer, Wilkinson
Kentucky State University2006ViewModel Driven Architecture: A Research Review for Information Systems Educators Teaching Software Development Conn, Forrester
Kentucky State University2004ViewA New Teaching Paradigm in Information Systems Education: An Investigation and Report on the Origins, Significance, and Efficacy of the Agile Development Movement Conn
King Saud University2003ViewInformed Discussion in Information Technology Survey Courses Settle, Berthiaume, Lulis, Mirza
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania2009ViewA Survey of Communication Media Utilized During IS Group Projects Kaplan