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Manhattan College2008ViewAnalyses of Compliance with IS 2002 Curriculum Choi, Ulema, Waldman
Manhattan College2008ViewDesign and Implementation of a Network Management Course for Undergraduate Information Systems Students Ulema
Manhattan College2006ViewUtilizing Snyder's 'Fluency with Information Technology' in an Undergraduate 'Introductorion to Information Systems' Class Waldman, Ulema
Manhattan College2005ViewA Comparative Analysis of Undergraduate Information Systems Curricula in Selected Business Schools Ulema
Massey University2003ViewTeaching to Foster Implicit Knowledge Thompson
Maysville Community & Technical College2010ViewIntegrating Enterprise Systems Concepts in the B-School--A Regional University Perspective Hunt, Regan, Becka, Green, Everett, Hunt
McNeese State University2003ViewA Survey of Student Attitudes: Database Competition NCC 2003 Pollacia, Miller, Simpson, McDaniel
Merrimack College2011ViewThe Greening of the Information Systems Curriculum Sendall, Lester, Peslak, Saulnier
Merrimack College2010ViewGot Web 2.0? Sendall, Ceccucci, Peslak
Merrimack College2010ViewIntegrating Soft Skill Competencies Through Project-based Learning Across the Information Systems Curriculum Woodward, Sendall, Ceccucci
Merrimack College2008ViewFaculty Research and Development in the Technology Disciplines Sendall, Poteat, Noonan
Merrimack College2008ViewWeb 2.0 Matters: An Analysis of Implementing Web 2.0 in the Classroom Sendall, Peslak, Ceccucci
Metropolitan State College of Denver2011ViewAn Improved Database System for Program Assessment Haga, Morris, Morrell
Metropolitan State College of Denver2009ViewA Database System for IS Curriculum Assessment using ISA Examination Performance Segall, Ghosh, Morrell
Metropolitan State College of Denver2008ViewBusiness Intelligence in the IS Curriculum Segall
Metropolitan State College of Denver2008ViewChanges in the System Analyst Skill Set: 2006 Versus 2001 Haga, Morris, Mawhinney, Morrell
Metropolitan State College of Denver2007ViewThe Information Systems Analyst National Assessment Exam: Factors for Success Segall, Gollhardt, Morrell
Miami University2010ViewA New Look at Security Education: YouTube as YouTool Werner, Frank
Miami University2010ViewAnalysis of an Anti-Phishing Lab Activity Werner, Courte
Miami University2009ViewA Qualitative Look at Alice and Pair-Programming Howard, Evans, Courte, Bishop-Clark
Miami University2008ViewThe Design and Implementation of a First Course in Computer Programming for Computing Majors,Non-Majors and Industry Professionals within a Liberal Education Framework Harkins
Miami University2008ViewWhat Dick and Jane Don't Know About Integers Werner, Frank
Miami University2007ViewGetting a Hook on Phishing Werner, Frank
Miami University2006ViewProblem-Based Service Learning in a 200-Level Systems Analysis and Design Course Bishop-Clark
Miami University2006ViewUsing Alice in a Computer Science Survey Course Courte, Howard, Bishop-Clark
Miami University2006ViewUsing the Software Development Life Cycle as a Curriculum Design Tool in the Development of a 'Companion Course' for Beginning Programmers Harkins
Miami University2003ViewStudents Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Information Technology Havelka
Millikin University2006ViewThe Role of Assessment in Accreditation: A Case Study for a MIS Department Stemler, Chamblin
Minnesota State University2011ViewSystem Testing of Desktop and Web Applications Slack
Montclair State University2009ViewAsk the Audience…Using Clickers to Enhance Introductory Business Statistics Courses Koppel, Berenson
Montclair State University2003ViewExtraction, Transformation, and Loading in a Data Warehouse Course Boyno
Morehead State University2010ViewFactors that InfluenceTransfer of Learning from the Online Classroom Everett
Morehead State University2010ViewIntegrating Enterprise Systems Concepts in the B-School--A Regional University Perspective Hunt, Regan, Becka, Green, Everett, Hunt
Morgan State University2004ViewAn Information System Security Course for the Undergraduate Information Systems Curriculum Steele, Stojkovic, Zaveri
Mount Olive College2007ViewDevelopment of Chain Management Model for the Apparel Retail e-Business Pfitscher, Wei
Mount Royal College2009ViewComplecto Mutatio: Teaching Software Design Best Practices Using Multi-Platform Development Connolly
Mount Royal College2005ViewA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Form: Using Game Development and Web Services in an Emerging Technology Course Connolly