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New Jersey Institute of Technology2010ViewA Generalized Thurstonian Paired Comparison Multicriteria Heuristic Model for Peer Evaluation of Individual Performance on IS Team Projects Scher
New Jersey Institute of Technology2009ViewOpen Source and Freeware – Strategic Resources for IS Pedagogical Endeavors Scher
New Jersey Institute of Technology2006ViewFD-EXPLORER: A Pedagogical and Design Tool for Functional Dependency Exploration Scher, Qiu
New Jersey Institute of Technology2005ViewTowards a WebCenter for Pedagogical Freeware Collaborative Review and Retrieval Kim, Scher, Turoff
New Mexico State University2017ViewCourse Design and Technology For Synchronous Interaction in an Online Course Kreie, Johnson, Lebsock
New Mexico State University2015ViewCourse Redesign Based Kreie, Bussmann
New Mexico State University2012ViewMicrosoft Enterprise Consortium: Kreie, Hashemi
New Mexico State University2011ViewAn Enterprise System and a Business Simulation Kreie, Shannon, Mora-Monge
New Mexico State University2010ViewGoing from data to decisions: Preparing Kreie, Mora-Monge, Shannon
New Mexico State University2009ViewEffectiveness of Teaching Ethics: Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
New Mexico State University2007ViewIssue-Continguent Ethical Views - A Comparison Using Pathfinder Associative Networks Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
Nicholls State University2011ViewAACSB Learning Goals: One-Minute Guest Speakers Help To "Close the Loop" Ryker
Nicholls State University2011ViewTexting and the Efficacy of Mnemonics: Is Too Much Texting Detrimental? Ryker, Viosca, Lawrence, Kleen
Nicholls State University2008ViewSpecial Topics Courses in Information Systems: Current Uses Ryker, Fanguy, Legendre
None Listed2011ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
None Listed2010ViewVirtual Teams: Preparing Students for Global IT Management: An Empirical Exercise on three Campuses and Two Countries White, Tastle, Semeniuta
None Listed2009ViewA Course in Storage Technologies from EMC Corporation For Use In Computer Science and/or Information Technology Curricula Van Sickle
None Listed2009ViewA FPGA Paint Brush Application Edwards, Courtney, YANG
None Listed2009ViewCapstone Projects: Putting the Pieces Together Malinowski, Noble
None Listed2009ViewEstablishing a Model to Identify Information Systems in Nontraditional Organizations Adams
None Listed2005View Mapping the National Security Agency's Information Assurane Certification 4012 to the IS Curriculum: The Air Force Example Elder, Strouble, Bouvin
None Listed2005ViewComparison of Teaching Java in a Computer Classroom / Traditional Classroom vs. Smart E-Classroom and its Effect on Critical Thinking: A Case Study Thomas, Thomas, Coppola, Braudy
None Listed2005ViewCourse Mentoring: Toward Achieving Consistency in the Curriculum Dettori, Kjellin
None Listed2005ViewSMARTVIEW - An Intelligent Expert System Tool using JAVA and JESS Framework Sambasivam, Davies
None Listed2004ViewIntegrated Learning Nets: Applications to Business Education Hall, Morrissey
None Listed2003ViewCreating a Collaborative B2B Environment in the Classroom: Evaluation of Methods Utilized in an International Simulation over a 4-Year Period Antonucci, zur Muehlen
North Carolina A&T State University2018ViewThe Challenges of Teaching Business Analytics: Finding Real Big Data for Business Students Yap, Drye
North Carolina A&T State University2011ViewInformation Technology Diffusion: Impact on Student Achievement Lee, Lind
North Carolina A&T State University2010ViewWebsite Accessibility Smith, Lind
North Carolina A&T State University2008ViewThe Role of Wireless Communications in Temporary Team Formation Lind
North Carolina Central University2013ViewDeveloping an Undergraduate Information Systems Security Track Sharma, Murphy, Rosso, Grant
North Carolina Central University2012ViewMeasuring Assurance of Learning Goals: Murphy, Sharma, Rosso
North Carolina Central University2011ViewTeach or No Teach: Is Large System Education Resurging? Sharma, Murphy
North Carolina Central University2010ViewAlive and Kicking: Making the Case for Mainframe Education Murphy, Sharma, Seay, McClelland
North Carolina Central University2009ViewMy Personal Computer Lab: Operating in the 'Cloud' Murphy, McClelland
North Carolina Central University2006ViewImplementation of a Basic Computer Skills Assessment Mechanism for Incoming Freshmen Tesch, Murphy, Crable
Northeastern State University2009ViewA Follow-up Study of Using Remote Desktop Applications in Education Bekkering, Hutchison
Northeastern State University2009ViewUsing Remote Desktop Applications in Education Hutchison, Bekkering
Northern Kentucky University 2015ViewA Basic Set of Criteria for Evaluation of Havelka, Neal
Northern Kentucky University 2010ViewA New Look at Security Education: YouTube as YouTool Werner, Frank
Northern Kentucky University 2008ViewWhat Dick and Jane Don't Know About Integers Werner, Frank
Northern Kentucky University 2007ViewGetting a Hook on Phishing Werner, Frank
Northern Michigan University2018ViewCyber Security Curriculum Development: Protecting Students and Institutions While Providing Hands-On Experience Marquardson, Gomillion
Northern Michigan University2018ViewInfrastructure Tools for Efficient Cybersecurity Exercises Marquardson
Northern Michigan University2017ViewThe Role of IT Industry Certifications in an AACSB-Accredited Institution Gomillion
Northern State University2006ViewIs it Possible to Assess Information Systems Skills using a Multiple Choice Exam? Paranto, Shillington
Northern State University2006ViewRedesign of Introduction to Computers Course Mackin, Johnson, Paranto
Northrop Grumman2010ViewA Recommendation for A Professional Focus Area in Data Management Longenecker, Henderson, Smith , Smith, Yarbrough
Northwest Missouri State University2018ViewActive Learning and Formative Assessment in a User-Centered Design Course Adkins
Northwest Missouri State University2017ViewTesting Frequency in an Introductory Computer Programming Course Adkins, Linville
Northwest Missouri State University2016ViewProgression of a Data Visualization Assignment Adkins
Northwest Missouri State University2014ViewRelevance of Student Resources Adkins
Northwest Missouri State University2013ViewVirtual Teams and Synchronous Presentations: Adkins
Northwest Missouri State University2008ViewA Case Study in the Redesign of an Introductory MIS Course to Account for the Multiple Learning Styles of Online Students Ury
Northwest Missouri State University2006ViewStudent Performance Online Vs. Onground: A Statistical Analysis of IS Courses McDonald, McDonald, Ury
Northwest Missouri State University2006ViewSuccessful Course Transition from Traditional Delivery Methods to the Online Format Ury, Ury
Northwest Missouri State University2005ViewA Longitudinal Study Comparing Undergraduate Student Performance in Traditional Courses to the Performance in Online Course Delivery Ury
Northwestern State University2015ViewA Systems Analysis and Design Case for a Business Modeling Learning Experience for a Capstone Advanced CIS/IS Systems Development Class Russell, Russell
Northwestern State University2010ViewA Study of the Programming Languages Used in Information Systems and Computer Science Curricula Russell, Russell, Tastle, Pollacia
Northwestern State University2009ViewA Survey Analysis of the Perceptions of Educators and IS Professionals Appertaining to the Course Content of an Undergraduate Information Systems Capstone Course Russell, Russell
Northwestern State University2009ViewReversing the Decline of CIS Enrollment in Colleges and Universities by Russell, Russell, Pollacia
Northwestern State University2008ViewA New Measure to Analyze Student Performance Using the Likert Scale Tastle, Russell, Wierman
Northwestern State University2006ViewA Comparative Analysis of Program Curriculum in Selected Distance Education Information Systems Programs Cervone
Northwestern State University2006ViewDeclining CIS Enrollment: An Examination of Pre-College Factors Lomerson, Pollacia
Northwestern State University2005ViewTeaching Soft Skills in a Systems Development Capstone Class Russell, Russell, Tastle
Northwestern State University2003ViewA Survey of Student Attitudes: Database Competition NCC 2003 Pollacia, Miller, Simpson, McDaniel
Northwestern State University2003ViewThe State of Systems Analysis and Design Russell, Tastle, Pollacia
Nova Southeastern University2009ViewTeaching Software Engineering Including Integration with Other Disciplines Stillman, Peslak
Nova Southeastern University2009ViewThe Complexities of Effectively Teaching Client-Server System Development Stillman, Peslak
Nova Southeastern University2007ViewModern Data Structures: Experiences with a Flexible Approach to a Data Structures Course Stillman, Peslak
Nova Southeastern University2004ViewDecision Support System: A Study of Telework Initiatives Gilyot, Zhang, Alijani, Thangada