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Quinnipiac University2018ViewGroup Assignments as a Measure to Promote Performance in Virtual Teams Angelo, McCarthy
Quinnipiac University2018ViewHarnessing Business Analytics: Analyzing Data Analytics Programs in U.S. Business Schools Parks, Ceccucci, McCarthy
Quinnipiac University2018ViewInternational Service Learning in IS Programs: The Next Phase – An Implementation Experience Jones, Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University2018ViewUsing Learning Journals to Increase Metacognition, Motivation, and Learning in Computer Information Systems Education Lang
Quinnipiac University2017ViewAgile Learning: Sprinting Through the Semester Lang
Quinnipiac University2017ViewUnderstanding Business Analytics Success and Impact: A Qualitative Study Parks, Thambusamy
Quinnipiac University2016ViewAnalyzing Security Breaches in the U.S.: Parks, Adams
Quinnipiac University2016ViewFront-End and Back-End Database Design and Development: Scholar’s Academy Case Study Parks, Hall
Quinnipiac University2016ViewThe Application of Writing Across the Saulnier
Quinnipiac University2016ViewThe Relative Efficacy of Video and Text Tutorials in Online Computing Education Lang
Quinnipiac University2015ViewAddressing the 21st Century Paradox: Integrating Entrepreneurship in the Computer Information Systems Curriculum Lang, Babb
Quinnipiac University2015ViewLearning Styles, Online Content Usage and Exam Performance in a Mixed-Format Introductory Computer Information Systems Course Lang, O'Connell
Quinnipiac University2015ViewThe Effectiveness of Data Science as a means to achieve Proficiency in Scientific Literacy Ceccucci, Tamarkin, Jones
Quinnipiac University2015ViewThe Flipped Classroom in Saulnier
Quinnipiac University2014ViewA Paradigm for Student Learning Outcome Assessment in Information Systems Education: Continuous Improvement or Chasing Rainbows? Saulnier
Quinnipiac University2014ViewA Preliminary Comparison of Student and Professional Motivations for Choosing Information Systems Brooks, Korzaan, Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University2014ViewClone Yourself: Using Screencasts in the Classroom to Work with Students One-on-One Lang, Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University2014ViewStudent Perception of Social Media as a Course Tool McCarthy, McCarthy
Quinnipiac University2014ViewWorking with Real Companies, Making a Real Impact: Student Perspectives on the Google Online Marketing Challenge Lang, Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University2013ViewEnhancing the IT Infrastructure at Saint Philip’s Naydenova, White
Quinnipiac University2013ViewInformation Technology for Good (IT4G): Saulnier
Quinnipiac University2013ViewIT System Integration -- Global Medical Acquisition of Health Tech Case Study Russo, White
Quinnipiac University2011ViewThe Greening of the Information Systems Curriculum Sendall, Lester, Peslak, Saulnier
Quinnipiac University2010ViewGot Web 2.0? Sendall, Ceccucci, Peslak
Quinnipiac University2010ViewIntegrating Soft Skill Competencies Through Project-based Learning Across the Information Systems Curriculum Woodward, Sendall, Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University2010ViewVirtual Teams: Preparing Students for Global IT Management: An Empirical Exercise on three Campuses and Two Countries White, Tastle, Semeniuta
Quinnipiac University2009ViewFrom “Sage on the Stage” to “Guide on the Side” Revisited: Saulnier
Quinnipiac University2009ViewIT Students and Computer Ethics: Making the Case for Further Training and Ethical Development Woodward, Ceccucci, Whitney
Quinnipiac University2008ViewIS Faculty Perceptions of ABET Accreditation Ceccucci, White
Quinnipiac University2008ViewThe IS Model Curriculum and Offshoring: A Case for Revision White, Tastle
Quinnipiac University2008ViewThe place of Cyberlaw in MSIS curricula Subramanian, White
Quinnipiac University2008ViewWeb 2.0 Matters: An Analysis of Implementing Web 2.0 in the Classroom Sendall, Peslak, Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University2007View“Child is Father to the Man”:Social Software in the IS 2007 Curriculum? Saulnier
Quinnipiac University2007ViewLearning Communities in Information Systems Education: Saulnier, White, Ceccucci, Brooks
Quinnipiac University2007ViewThe Development of a Comprehensive Assessment Plan: One Campus’ Experience White, McCarthy
Quinnipiac University2006ViewAn Alternative Testing Strategy for Advanced Programming Courses Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University2006ViewUsing the IS Model Curriculum and CCER Exit Assessment Tools Landry, Pardue, Longenecker, Reynolds, McKell, White
Quinnipiac University2006ViewWhat do Students Know When They Enter College? Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University2005ViewObject Oriented Analysis and Design: Do We Need More UML in the Classroom? McCarthy, White, Grossman
Quinnipiac University2005ViewService Learning in Computer Information Systems: Significant Learning for Tomorrows Computer Professionals Saulnier
Quinnipiac University2004ViewThe Balance between Teaching and Research: The Development of a Survey Instrument to Assess Factors that Affect MIS Research McCarthy, Claffey, White
Quinnipiac University2004ViewThree Hot Emerging Technologies: What They Are, and What They Mean for IS Education Subramanian, White
Quinnipiac University2003ViewCreating Significant Learning Experiences in Systems Analysis and Design: Towards a Service Learning Paradigm Saulnier