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Ramapo College of New Jersey2011ViewDefining the Content of the Undergraduate Burns
Regis University2008ViewImplementation and Management of an Information Systems Practicum in a Graduate Computer Information Technology Curriculum Conn
Richard Stockton College2010ViewPeer Tutoring in Programming: Lessons Learned Gerhardt, Olan
Richard Stockton College2008ViewDeveloping an Equal Playing Field in the Information Systems Classroom Gerhardt, Trail
Richard Stockton College2008ViewIntroductory Course Improves Retention, Especially for Women Mathis
Richard Stockton College2006ViewWhy Do I Have To Take Calculus? Gerhardt, Vogel, Wu
Robert Morris University2011ViewImplementing a Dynamic Database-Driven Course Using LAMP Laverty, Wood, Turchek
Robert Morris University2011ViewMake it Relevant and They Just May Learn it Baugh
Robert Morris University2011ViewNon Directed Utilization of a Hand Held Device: Serapiglia, Serapiglia
Robert Morris University2011ViewVisualizing Opportunities: GIS Skills for Retail Marketing Wu, Rathswohl
Robert Morris University2010ViewCyber Forensics and Security as an Wood, Kohun, Ali, Paullet, Davis
Robert Morris University2010ViewDetermining the Effectiveness of Various Delivery Methods in an Information Technology/Information Systems Curriculum Davis, Kovacs, Scarpino, Turchek
Robert Morris University2010ViewDiscovering Adjunct Communication Methods Outside the Classroom: An Exploratory Study Serapiglia, Woratschek, Louch
Robert Morris University2010ViewFactors Affecting Women’s Decisions to Pursue an IS Degree: A Case Study Serapiglia, Lenox
Robert Morris University2010ViewUsing Blackboard's Learning Suite in ABET-CAC Outcomes Assessment and Accreditation Wood, Laverty, Turchek
Robert Morris University2009ViewAnalyzing the Progression of IS/IT Keywords as Assessed by a Regional Trade Association Kovacs, Davis, Caputo
Robert Morris University2009ViewCultural Influence on Social Isolation in Doctoral Programs and Doctoral Attrition – A Case Study Ali, Kohun
Robert Morris University2009ViewDefining CS, IS, and IT: Are we there yet? Woratschek, Lenox
Robert Morris University2009ViewLet’s Have Fun with That Required Computer Information Systems Introduction Course Baugh
Robert Morris University2009ViewMerging Object-Oriented Programming, Database Design, Requirements Analysis, and Web Technologies In An Active Learning Environment Kovacs
Robert Morris University2009ViewStudent Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Computing and its Related Disciplines Woratschek, Lenox
Robert Morris University2009ViewStudent Success with Java Online vs Java On-Ground Baugh
Robert Morris University2009ViewSystems Oriented Architecture, Unified Process Life Cycle, and IS Model Curriculum Compatibility: Meeting Industry Needs Kohun, Wood, Laverty
Robert Morris University2008ViewExploring Declining CS/IS/IT Enrollments Lenox, Woratschek, Davis
Robert Morris University2008ViewInformation Systems/Technology Janicki, Lenox, Logan, Woratschek
Robert Morris University2008ViewSelf-paced Learning and On-line Teaching of Entity-Relationship Modeling Wu, Baugh, Harvey
Robert Morris University2007ViewCoordinated Topic Presentations in Information Systems Core Curriculum and Discrete Mathematics Courses Harvey, Wu, Turchek
Robert Morris University2007ViewThe Disconnect of the Non-Computer Information Systems Major to the Information Systems Literacy Course Baugh
Robert Morris University2007ViewVirtual Laboratory Intrusion Detection Experience for Information Systems Professionals Harvey, Johnson, Turchek
Robert Morris University2006ViewDefining the Essential Skill and Functional Areas of Study in Information Technology as Measured by a Survey of Field Professionals Caputo, Kovacs, Turchek
Robert Morris University2005ViewA Project-based Model for an Advanced Web Site Design and E-Commerce Course Kovacs
Robert Morris University2005ViewPros and Cons of Using a Comprehensive Final Case in a Database Management Systems Course: Marvin's Magnificent Magazine Publishing House Lenox, Woratschek
Robert Morris University2004ViewA First Course in Database Management Baugh
Robert Morris University2003ViewABET CAC Accreditation Experience - Intent and Reality - The Information Systems Perspective Kohun, Wood
Robert Morris University2003ViewOptimizing for Search Indexes Kovacs
Robert Morris University2003ViewToo Many Labels, Not Enough Agreement: Defining Sub-Disciplines in Computer Science-Related Fields Lenox, Prescod, Woratschek
Rochester Institute of Technology2006ViewThe Information Technology Model Curriculum Lawson, Reichgelt, Lunt, Ekstrom, Kamali, Miller, Gorka
Roger Williams University2009ViewIntroductory Programming with ALICE as a Gateway to the Computing Profession McKenzie
Roger Williams University2006ViewInformation Systems Curriculum Revision in a Hostile Environment: Declining Interest, Threats from Offshore, and Proprietary Certification McKenzie
Ryerson University2010ViewIdentifying Influencers in High School Student ICT Career Choice Babin, Grant, Sawal
Ryerson University2010ViewSuccessful Engagement of Undergraduate Information Technology Management Students in a Complusory Course in Ethical Issues in IT in a Large Class Environment Grant
Ryerson University2009ViewFactors Impacting the Supply and Demand of IT Workers in Canada and the USA Grant, Babin
Ryerson University2009ViewOffshoring & Immigration -- The Impacts on IT Workers in Canada and the United States Grant, Babin
Ryerson University2008ViewLearning Style Trends and Laptop Use Patterns: Implication for Students in an IT Business School Prescod, Dong
Ryerson University2008ViewThe Design Charrette in the Classroom as a Method for Outcomes Based Action Learning in IS Design Eagen, Ngwenyama, Prescod
Ryerson University2006ViewIntegrating Innovation, Technology, Management, and Personal Success in a Capstone Information Technology Management Course – ITM360 “Establishing an eBusiness Operation” Gedeon
Ryerson University2006ViewStudent Reactions to Online Course Delivery – a Contrast Between Fulltime and Parttime Students Grant
Ryerson University2003ViewToo Many Labels, Not Enough Agreement: Defining Sub-Disciplines in Computer Science-Related Fields Lenox, Prescod, Woratschek