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Saint Michael's College2012ViewA combined MIS/DS Course uses Lecture Capture Technology to “Level the Playing Field” in Student Numeracy Popovich
Saint Michael's College2011ViewA Validation Study of Student Differentiation Between Computing Disciplines Battig, Shariq
Saint Michael's College2010ViewPiltdown Man or Inconvenient Truth? A Two-year Study of Student Perceptions about Computing Battig
Saint Michael's College2009ViewExamining the impact of a new Information Systems Program and NSF STEM funding on computing enrollments Battig
Saint Michael's College2005ViewOperations Research and the Information Systems Curriculum Pangborn
Saint Michael's College2005ViewPilot Studies Introducing Collaborative and Distance Learning Paradigms in a Residential Environment Battig, Pangborn
Salisbury University2006ViewGlobal Media: Incorporating Videocams and Blogs in a Global IS Management Class Beise
Sam Houston State University2016ViewDeveloping Project Based Learning, Integrated Courses from Two Different Colleges at an Institution of Higher Education: An Overview of the Processes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned Rice, Lester
Sam Houston State University2012ViewA Case Study: Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Computer Science and Technology Lester, Bennett
Sam Houston State University2011ViewPeer mentors and their impact for beginning programmers Hartness, Lester
Sam Houston State University2011ViewThe Greening of the Information Systems Curriculum Sendall, Lester, Peslak, Saulnier
Sam Houston State University2010ViewCritical Thinking Measurement in ICT Lester, Schneider, Bennett
Sam Houston State University2009View"Cycle of Poverty" in Educational Technology Lester, Schneider, Bennett
Sam Houston State University2009ViewCoaching asynchronous teams for undergraduate programming projects Hartness
Sam Houston State University2008ViewEdPod: Adding Classroom Richness to the On-Line Experience Bennett, Cooper
Sam Houston State University2008ViewInformation and Communication Technology Literacy Issues in Higher Education Lester
Sam Houston State University2004ViewThe Computer Literacy Course: Putting It All Together Bennett, Cooper
San Antonio College2011ViewInformation Technology Diffusion: Impact on Student Achievement Lee, Lind
Seton Hill University2007ViewResearch Design for Assessing Attitudes in Technology Acceptance: Chinese Americans and Internet Banking GIBSON
Siena College2017ViewA Mindful Approach to Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Undergraduate Students Online and in Person Cotler, DiTursi, Goldstein, Yates, Del Belso
Siena College2016ViewFull Flip, Half Flip and No Flip: Breimer, Fryling, Yoder
Siena College2016ViewTeaching Information Systems Courses in China: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons for US Educators Fryling, Rivituso
Siena College2012ViewMarket Basket Analysis for Non-Programmers Yoder, Vandenberg, Breimer
Siena College2011ViewTowards an Innovative Web-based Lab Delivery System for a Management Information Systems Course Breimer, Cotler, Yoder
Siena College2010ViewCo-"Lab"oration: A New Paradigm for Building a Management Information Systems Course Cotler, Breimer, Yoder
Siena Heights University2013ViewTen Year Assessment of Learning Outcomes of a Computer Information Systems (CIS) Program Abraham
Siena Heights University2006ViewAssessing the Learning Outcomes of a Computer Information Systems Program Abraham
Slippery Rock University2011ViewCreating and Using a Computer Networking and Systems Administration Laboratory Built Under Relaxed Financial Constraints Conlon, Mullins
Slippery Rock University2009ViewA Pedagogical Expert System for Adapted and Therapeutic Exercise: An Interdisciplinary Approach Valentine, Arnhold
Slippery Rock University2008ViewTeaching Students How to Evaluate Sources in Online Research Willison, Joseph
Slippery Rock University2007ViewAn Examination of Initiation, Organization, Participation, Leadership, and Control of Successful Open Source Software Development Projects Conlon
Slippery Rock University2007ViewEthics in the Pedagogy of Information Systems Joseph
Slippery Rock University2006ViewInformation Warfare Joseph, Himes
Slippery Rock University2006ViewIs There a Role for Open Source Software in Systems Analysis? Conlon, Hulick
Sotera Defense Solutions2013ViewSecurity Engineering Lessons Learned for Migrating Independent LANs to an Enterprise Environment Marchant, Bonneau
South Bank University2006ViewDevelopment of a User-Friendly Mobile Commerce Framework for Air Travel Agencies Flynn
Southeast Missouri State University2018ViewReaching and Retaining the Next Generation: Adapting to the Expectations of Gen Z in the Classroom Schwieger, Ladwig
Southeast Missouri State University2018ViewSystem Development and Data Modeling for Stevens’ Wholesale Health Supplies Schwieger, Lui
Southeast Missouri State University2017ViewThe Piranha Solution: Monitoring and Protection of Proprietary System Intangible Assets Ladwig, Schwieger, Clayton
Southeast Missouri State University2016ViewProtecting Privacy in Big Data: A Layered Approach for Curriculum Integration Schwieger, Ladwig
Southeast Missouri State University2015ViewA Project Management Approach to Applying Best Practices to Online CS/MIS Experiential Learning Projects Schwieger, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2015ViewCoastal Pacific Doctor Associates: Implementation of a Purchased System Schwieger, McDonald
Southeast Missouri State University2015ViewUsing a Balance Scorecard Approach to Evaluate the Value of Service Learning Projects in Online Courses Schwieger
Southeast Missouri State University2013ViewInformation Technology Management: Course Re-design Using an Assessment Driven Approach Schwieger, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2012ViewCIS Program Redesign Driven By IS2010 Model: Surendran, Amer, Schwieger
Southeast Missouri State University2012ViewDeveloping an Introductory Level MIS Project in Accordance with AACSB Assurance of Learning Standard 15 Schwieger
Southeast Missouri State University2011ViewIncorporating Capstone Courses in Programs Based on the IS2010 Model Curriculum Schwieger, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2010ViewA Value Chain Approach for Attracting, Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2010ViewEnhancing the Value of the Capstone Experience Course Surendran, Schwieger
Southeast Missouri State University2009ViewAn Analysis and Design Case Suitable for Procedural and Object Oriented Approaches Surendran, Naugler
Southeast Missouri State University2009ViewDeveloping the Information Literacy of University Students: Integrating Research into Curricula Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2008ViewExtending the Value of MIS Programs Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2007ViewA Perspective on the Use of Modeling Diagrams in CS/IS Curricula Naugler, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2007ViewBridging the Academic / Industrial Chasm for the Millennial Generation Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2006ViewAgile Computing Curricula Duben, Naugler, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2006ViewCoping with Offshore Outsourcing and Enhancing Student Retention Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2006ViewIncorporating ERP into MIS Curriculum: Some Insights Surendran, Somarajan, Holsing
Southeast Missouri State University2004ViewSimplicity First: Use of Tools in Undergraduate Computer Science and Information Systems Teaching Naugler, Surendran
Southeast Missouri State University2003ViewA Brief Tutorial in Traditional vs. OO Programming Using Java Johnson
Southeast Missouri State University2003ViewTeaching the Complete Object-oriented Development Cycle, Including OOA and OOD, with UML and the UP Jackson, Satzinger
Southeastern Louisiana University2010ViewOpen Source ERP Applications: A Reality Check for Their Possible Adoption and Use in Teaching Business Process Integration Huynh, Pinto
Southeastern Louisiana University2009ViewA FPGA Paint Brush Application Edwards, Courtney, YANG
Southeastern Louisiana University2006ViewA Soft System Approach To the Design of an Online Case Method Instruction Huynh, Orwig
Southeastern Louisiana University2004ViewDecision Support System: A Study of Telework Initiatives Gilyot, Zhang, Alijani, Thangada
Southern Illinois University2018ViewData Analytics Workshop Series for Non-Computing Major First-Generation-College-Bound Students Chung
Southern Illinois University2016ViewOrganizing an App Inventor Summer Camp for Middle School Girls: What the Experts Don’t Tell You Martin, Soares
Southern Illinois University2015ViewIT0: Discrete Math and Programming Logic Topics as a Hybrid Alternative to CS0 Martin
Southern Illinois University2015ViewTeaching Non-Beginner Programmers with App Inventor: Survey Results and Implications Soares, Martin
Southern Illinois University2014ViewIT educational experience and workforce development for Information Systems and Technology students Legier, Soares
Southern Illinois University2014ViewReflections on Teaching App Inventor for Non-Beginner Programmers: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities Soares
Southern Illinois University2013ViewBuilding a Cybersecurity Workforce with Remote Labs Martin, Woodward
Southern Illinois University2013ViewReassessing the Skills Required of Graduates of an Information Systems Program: Legier, Woodward, Martin
Southern Illinois University2011ViewExpansion and Validation of the PAPA Framework Woodward, Martin, Imboden
Southern Illinois University2010ViewIntegrating Soft Skill Competencies Through Project-based Learning Across the Information Systems Curriculum Woodward, Sendall, Ceccucci
Southern Illinois University2009ViewIT Students and Computer Ethics: Making the Case for Further Training and Ethical Development Woodward, Ceccucci, Whitney
Southern Illinois University2008ViewStudent Perceptions of Information Technology Preparedness and Important Job Skills Woodward, Ashby, Litteken, Zamora
Southern Illinois University2008ViewWomen Students’ Confidence in Information Technology Content Areas Colyar, Woodward
Southern Illinois University2007ViewRedesigning an Information System Security Curriculum Through the Application of Traditional Pedagogy and Modern Business Trends Woodward, Young
Southern Polytechnic State University2013ViewCloud Computing in Support of Applied Learning: Conn, Reichgelt
Southern Polytechnic State University2011ViewTag Clouds as a Pathway to Improved Pedagogical Efficacy in Information Systems Courses: A Baseline Study Involving Web 2.0 Technologies Conn, Hall, English, Scheffler
Southern Polytechnic State University2011ViewUsing Undergraduate Information Systems Student Epistemic Belief Data in Course Design: A Research-based Approach to Improve Student Academic Success Conn, English, Scheffler, Hall
Southern Polytechnic State University2010ViewScaling large-size undergraduate classes at a top research university via eLearning strate-gies: A facilitated model of instruction using a Web 2.0 paradigm Conn, Hu, Boyer, Wilkinson
Southern Polytechnic State University2008ViewImplementation and Management of an Information Systems Practicum in a Graduate Computer Information Technology Curriculum Conn
Southern Polytechnic State University2006ViewModel Driven Architecture: A Research Review for Information Systems Educators Teaching Software Development Conn, Forrester
Southern Polytechnic State University2004ViewA New Teaching Paradigm in Information Systems Education: An Investigation and Report on the Origins, Significance, and Efficacy of the Agile Development Movement Conn
Southern University at New Orleans2013ViewEffects of Social Networking on Adolescent Education Miah, Omar, Allison
Southern University at New Orleans2013ViewStrategic Plan for Enhancing Online Learning Samman, Omar, Belmasrour, Alijani
Southern University at New Orleans2011ViewSelecting a Good Conference Location Based on Participants’ Interests Miah
Southern University at New Orleans2009ViewAssessment of Student Outcomes in Management Information Systems Online Course Participation Omar, Kalulu, Bhutta
Southern University at New Orleans2007ViewForecasting Computer Crime Complaints Omar, Kwanbunbumpen, Alijani
Southern University at New Orleans2006ViewDesign and Implementation of an Information Security Model for E-Business Alijani, Christy, Craft, Welsh
Southern University at New Orleans2004ViewDecision Support System: A Study of Telework Initiatives Gilyot, Zhang, Alijani, Thangada
Southern University at New Orleans2004ViewElectronic Commerce: An Alternative for Small Businesses Alijani, Amugo, Eweni, Welsh, Belkhouche
Springfield Technical Community College2015ViewThe Effectiveness of Data Science as a means to achieve Proficiency in Scientific Literacy Ceccucci, Tamarkin, Jones
St. Francis University2014ViewThe Google Online Marketing Challenge: Miko
St. Francis University2011ViewTaking it to the Top: Frydenberg, Miko
St. Mary's University2011ViewUsing Business Analysis Software in a Business Intelligence Course Elizondo, Parzinger, Welch
St. Mary's University2006ViewAre High School Students Shunning the Information Technology Profession Because of the Masculine Stereotype? Cory, Parzinger, Reeves
St. Mary's University2005ViewShift the Subject of System Analysis and Design from Construction to Acquisition Wang, Wang
St. Vincent College2018ViewFormula One – a database project from start to finish Serapiglia
St. Vincent College2017ViewIdentifying The Real Technology Skills Gap: A Qualitative Look Across Disciplines Schirf, Serapiglia
St. Vincent College2016ViewThe Case for Inclusion of Competitive Teams in Security Education Serapiglia
St. Vincent College2016ViewWooden Peg Game: Implementations as Both a Web App and as an Android App Martincic
St. Vincent College2015ViewCrypto Currencies: Core Information Technology and Information System Fundamentals Enabling Currency Without Borders Serapiglia, Serapiglia, McIntyre
St. Vincent College2013ViewLINUX, Virtualization, and the Cloud: a hands-on student introductory lab Serapiglia
St. Vincent College2012ViewAdjunct Communication Methods Outside the Classroom: A Longitudinal Look Serapiglia
St. Vincent College2012ViewWill Computer Engineer Barbie® impact young women’s career choices? Martincic, Bhatnagar
St. Vincent College2011ViewNon Directed Utilization of a Hand Held Device: Serapiglia, Serapiglia
St. Vincent College2010ViewDiscovering Adjunct Communication Methods Outside the Classroom: An Exploratory Study Serapiglia, Woratschek, Louch
St. Vincent College2009ViewCombining Real-World Internships with Software Development Courses Martincic
State University of New York at Cobleskill2016ViewTeaching Information Systems Courses in China: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons for US Educators Fryling, Rivituso
SUNY Farmingdale2011ViewBeyond Introductory Programming: Success Factors for Advanced Programming Hoskey, Maurino
SUNY Farmingdale2009ViewTechnical Classes Online: A Different Breed of Learning? Maurino, Federman, Greenwald
SUNY Westchester2004ViewIntention-Directed Modeling Technique Kuofie, Wagner
Susquehanna University2017ViewDiscovering Privacy--or the Lack Thereof Pomykalski
Susquehanna University2015ViewTeaching Business Intelligence through Case Studies Pomykalski
Susquehanna University2006ViewA Soft System Approach To the Design of an Online Case Method Instruction Huynh, Orwig
Susquehanna University2006ViewComparing Current IS Curricula to the IS 2002 Model Curriculum Williams, Pomykalski
Susquehanna University2006ViewTeaching Systems Analysis and Design as a Writing-Intensive Course Pomykalski
Susquehanna University2006ViewUsing Enron to Teach the Value of Integration Pomykalski
Susquehanna University2003ViewCritical Thinking through Writing in Information Systems Courses Pomykalski