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Tarleton State University2011ViewStudent Perceptions of Instructional Tools in Programming Logic: A Comparison of Traditional versus Alice Teaching Environments Schultz
Tarleton State University2008ViewThe Effect of Class Duration on Academic Performance and Attendance in an Introductory Computer Class Schultz, Sharp
Tarleton State University2007ViewDevelopment, Extension, and Application: A Review of the Technology Acceptance Model Sharp
Tarleton State University2006ViewImportance of Learner-Learner Interaction in Distance Education Sharp, Huett
Tarleton State University2006ViewThe Relationship between Lab Attendance and Academic Performance Barrington
Tarleton State University2006ViewThe Use of Open Source Software in Education Sharp, Huett
Texas A&M University - Commerce2008View“WAC”ked: A Case Study Incorporating a Writing Process Into an IS Class Takeda, Crabtree, Johnson
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi2006ViewDesigning an Electronic Commerce Course: An Effort to Balance between Theory and Practice Changchit, Cutshall, Gonsalves
Texas Christian Universtiy2009ViewProblems with Assessing On-line and Non-Traditional Programs for Accreditation Roggio, Comer
Texas Christian Universtiy2003ViewIS Programs become Accredited: COBOL in Crisis Roggio, Comer, Brauda
Texas State University-San Marcos2007ViewThinking Globally: Incorporating an International Component in Information Security Curriculums White, Long
Texas State University-San Marcos2006ViewEstablishing a Remote Lab for Teaching Enterprise Application Development Lee, Mehta
Texas State University-San Marcos2006ViewVendor/Industry Certifications and a College Degree: A proposed concentration for network infrastructure White
Towson University2011ViewExploring the Connection between Age and Strategies for Learning new Technology Related Tasks Meiselwitz, Chakraborty
Towson University2004ViewBridging the Technological Gap between Academia and Industry:Towards a Successful e-Commerce Graduate Program Song, Trajkovski, Hong
Towson University2003ViewImproving Web Accessibility Through Service-Learning Partnerships Lazar
Trinity College2006ViewIssues in Measuring Time to Teach Information Systems Online Hislop, Ellis
Tshwane University of Technology2011ViewDetermining the most suitable E-Learning delivering mode for TUT students Odunaike, Chuene
Tshwane University of Technology2011ViewEstablishing and applying criteria for evaluating the ease of use of dynamic platforms for teaching web application development Dehinbo
Tshwane University of Technology2010ViewContributions of traditional Web 1.0 tools e.g. email and Web 2.0 tools e.g. Weblog towards Knowledge Management Dehinbo
Tshwane University of Technology2010ViewThe Need, Use and Best Practices for the Implementation of Learning Managemebnt Systems in Organizations and Higher Education Institutions Dehinbo, Odunaike
Tshwane University of Technology2009ViewEvaluating the suitability of dynamic Web platforms for teaching exception handlings Dehinbo
Tulane University2004ViewElectronic Commerce: An Alternative for Small Businesses Alijani, Amugo, Eweni, Welsh, Belkhouche