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Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires2009ViewMTSolution: A Visual and Interactive Tool for a Martinez, Barbuzza, Mauco, Favre
University at Buffalo2008ViewWomen Students’ Confidence in Information Technology Content Areas Colyar, Woodward
University of Akron2007ViewIssue-Continguent Ethical Views - A Comparison Using Pathfinder Associative Networks Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
University of Alaska Anchorage2009ViewOffering a Digital Forensics Course in Anchorage, Alaska Desai, Fitzgerald, Hoanca
University of Arkansas2009ViewEffectiveness of Teaching Ethics: Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
University of Canterbury2007ViewDevelopment of Assessment Portfolios of IS Majors Todorova, Mills
University of Cape Town2006ViewSkills Learnt During a Systems Development Course: Graduate Perceptions of Skills Transfer and Industry Alignment Scott, Seymour
University of Cape Town2006ViewSystems Development Group Project: A Real-World Experience Scott
University of Cologne2005ViewA System for Teaching MIS and MBA Students to Deploy a Scalable Database-driven Web Architecture for B2C E-Commerce Yap, Loebbecke
University of Dayton2006ViewDAMA Foundation Model Curriculum Framework for Post Secondary Programs in Data Resource Management Henderson, Cupoli, Hoffer, Smith
University of Denver2006ViewModel Driven Architecture: A Research Review for Information Systems Educators Teaching Software Development Conn, Forrester
University of Hamburg2005ViewWeaving Experiences from Software Engineering Training in Industry into Mass University Education Bleek, Lilienthal, Schmolitzky
University of Houston - Clear Lake2011ViewA Model for Long Term Assessment of Computing and Information Systems Programs Al-Mubaid, Abeysekera, Kim, Perkins-Hall, Yue
University of Houston - Downtown2009ViewThe Pedagogy of Utilizing Lengthy and Multifaceted Projects in Capstone Experiences Hashemi, Kellersberger
University of Houston - Downtown2007ViewBuilding an International Resource Center Web Site -- A Capstone Senior Project Course Experience Kellersberger, Hashemi
University of MA - Dartmouth2005ViewShift the Subject of System Analysis and Design from Construction to Acquisition Wang, Wang
University of Macau2006ViewTeaching a Collaborative Model of IS Development through Problem-Based Learning Vat
University of Macau2005ViewSystems Architecting of IS Support for Learning Organizations: The Scenario-Based Design Challenge in Human Activity Systems Vat
University of Macau2003ViewArchitecting of Learning Organizations: The IS Practitioners Challenge in Systems Thinking Vat
University of Maine at Augusta2010ViewAccounting for Systems Analysts in the 21st Century Giordano, McAleer, Szakas
University of Maine at Augusta2010ViewMyth busting: Using Data Mining to Refute Link between Transfer Students and Retention Risk McAleer, Szakas
University of Maine at Augusta2009ViewForces for Change in the New IS 20xx Curriculum McAleer, Szakas
University of Maine at Augusta2008ViewCutting to the Core: McAleer, Szakas
University of Maine at Augusta2006ViewDon't Forget the Manager: Management of IT Professionals by IT Professionals for IT Professionals McAleer, Szakas
University of Maine at Augusta2006ViewMoving Past Gantt and PERT - Reinforcing Metrics as a Management Tool for CIS Students McAleer, Szakas
University of Maine at Augusta2003ViewApplications Designed to Promote a New Way to Ensure Home Security Hossain
University of Michigan Flint2011ViewComputer Ethics: A Slow Fade from Black and White to Shades of Gray Kraft
University of Michigan Flint2009ViewBridging the Digital Divide in Undergraduate Business Information Systems Education Kraft, Kakish, Steenkamp
University of Michigan Flint2008ViewSystematic and Holistic IT Project Management Approach for Commercial Software Kraft
University of Minnesota2010ViewWebsite Accessibility Smith, Lind
University of New Mexico2005ViewInitial Experiences with a Capstone Approach to an Introductory IS Course (IS 2002.1) Schatzberg, harris
University of New Mexico2003ViewA Capstone Introductory IS Course: Strengthening Coverage of IS2002.1 and Disentangling it from IS2002.p0 Schatzberg
University of North Alabama2011ViewIs there a Student ‘Disconnect?’ First-year Hybrid Class Teachers’ Observations and Recommendations for Improving Student Engagement in Information Systems Classes Parris, Beaver, Nickels, Crabtree
University of North Carolina Wilmington2011ViewImpact of pre-grading / resubmission Janicki, Gebauer, Clark
University of North Carolina Wilmington2011ViewReal World Projects, Real World Problems: Reinicke, Janicki
University of North Carolina Wilmington2010ViewIncreasing active learning Reinicke, Janicki
University of North Carolina Wilmington2010ViewMoving Data, Moving students: Involving students in learning about Internet data traffic Reinicke, Clark
University of North Carolina Wilmington2009ViewLess is more when developing PowerPoint Animations Mahar, Clark, Janicki
University of North Carolina Wilmington2008ViewInformation Systems/Technology Janicki, Lenox, Logan, Woratschek
University of North Carolina Wilmington2007ViewIncorporating Real World Projects and Emerging Technologies Janicki, Fischetti, Burns
University of North Carolina Wilmington2006ViewA Case for Personal Knowledge Management in the Information Systems Curriculum Burns, Janicki
University of North Carolina Wilmington2006ViewA Comparative Analysis of Program Curriculum in Selected Distance Education Information Systems Programs Cervone
University of North Carolina Wilmington2006ViewA Guide for Establishing an Advisory Board for an Information Systems Department: Benefits and Lessons Learned Janicki
University of North Carolina Wilmington2006ViewJumping off the Distance Education Bandwagon: Adding Learning Theory into the Strategy -2 Janicki, Burns
University of North Carolina Wilmington2005ViewA Macro Approach to Relational Database Modeling Kline, Riggle
University of North Carolina Wilmington2004ViewMatching Employer Needs With IS Curriculum: An Exploratory Study Janicki, Kline, Gowan, Robert
University of North Carolina Wilmington2003ViewAn Action Learning Model to Increase Critical Thinking Skills in an ALN Masters Information Systems Capstone Course Burns, Janicki
University of North Florida2010ViewThe Role of the Web Server in a Capstone Web Application Course Umapathy, Wallace
University of North Florida2009ViewProblems with Assessing On-line and Non-Traditional Programs for Accreditation Roggio, Comer
University of North Florida2007ViewInserting Requirements Traceability into the Capstone Sequence Roggio
University of North Florida2006ViewPractical Aspects of Promoting Research in a Graduate Course Seyed-Abbassi
University of North Florida2006ViewRobust Software Development: A Technical Approach Using the Rational Unified Process® Roggio
University of North Florida2003ViewIS Programs become Accredited: COBOL in Crisis Roggio, Comer, Brauda
University of North Texas2007ViewThe Iconic Computer Interface as Cultural Artifact: Its Role in Maintaining the “Status Quo” Bone
University of Omaha2003ViewA Method for Enhancing the Success of Service-Learning Projects in Information Systems Curricula Wilcox, Zigurs
University of Pittsburgh2009ViewA Study of the Inclusion of Programming Languages in an Undergraduate Information Systems Curriculum Bhatnagar
University of Pittsburgh2009ViewEffectiveness of Online Discussion Groups Filipski, Bigrigg
University of Pretoria2009ViewClarifying Computing Study Choices for the Student Takeda, Johnson
University of Pretoria2008View“WAC”ked: A Case Study Incorporating a Writing Process Into an IS Class Takeda, Crabtree, Johnson
University of San Diego2011ViewVisualizing Opportunities: GIS Skills for Retail Marketing Wu, Rathswohl
University of South Alabama2010ViewA Recommendation for A Professional Focus Area in Data Management Longenecker, Henderson, Smith , Smith, Yarbrough
University of South Alabama2010ViewIS 2002 and ABET Accreditation: Meeting the ABET Program Outcome Criteria Landry, Daigle, Longenecker, Pardue
University of South Alabama2006ViewA Case Study in Optimizing Computer Laboratory Resources: The High-Speed Backup and Restoration (HiSBaR) System for Computer Lab Workstations Sweeney
University of South Alabama2006ViewHIPPA Certification and Training Guidelines for Healthcare Organizations: An IS 2002 Model Curriculum Implementation Sweatt, Longenecker
University of South Alabama2006ViewIS 2002 and Accreditation: Describing the IS Core Areas in Terms of the Model Curriculum Landry, Pardue, Reynolds, Longenecker
University of South Alabama2006ViewSuggested Characteristics of User Interfaces in Support of IS 2002 Curriculum Model Presley, Longenecker, Pardue, Landry
University of South Alabama2006ViewThe Center for Computing Education Research (CCER): A Nexus for IS Institutional and Individual Assessment McKell, Reynolds, Longenecker, Landry, Pardue
University of South Alabama2006ViewTips for improving writing in IS/IT courses Owen, Young
University of South Alabama2006ViewUsing the IS Model Curriculum and CCER Exit Assessment Tools Landry, Pardue, Longenecker, Reynolds, McKell, White
University of South Alabama2004ViewInformation Systems National Assessment Update: The Results of a Beta Test of a New Information Systems Exit Exam Based on the IS 2002 Model Curriculum Reynolds, Longenecker, Landry, Pardue, Applegate
University of South Alabama2004ViewUsing the IS 2002 Model Curriculum for Mapping an IS Curriculum Daigle, Longenecker, Landry, Pardue
University of South Alabama2003ViewAn Examination of Creativity in the Information Systems Curriculum Model and a Proposal for Revision Sweeney
University of South Alabama2003ViewDesigning Labs for a Sequence of Network Courses Owen, Black
University of South Alabama2003ViewInfluence of Covey Habit Training on Teams Folse, Longenecker, Daigle
University of South Dakota2006ViewIncorporating ERP into MIS Curriculum: Some Insights Surendran, Somarajan, Holsing
University of South Florida2006ViewTips for improving writing in IS/IT courses Owen, Young
University of South Florida2005ViewA Macro Approach to Relational Database Modeling Kline, Riggle
University of Southern Indiana2006ViewProfitability of Outsourcing Information Technology Kocakülâh, Holzmeyer, Albin
University of Texas Pan American2006ViewA Study Of Course Management Software Features Koong, Liu
University of Texas Pan American2004ViewInformation Certification under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Implications for Computing Educators Cantu, Gonzalez, Leal , Koong, Liu
University of Texas Pan American2003ViewA Survey of Student Attitudes: Database Competition NCC 2003 Pollacia, Miller, Simpson, McDaniel
University of Tulsa2009ViewEffectiveness of Teaching Ethics: Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
University of Tulsa2007ViewIssue-Continguent Ethical Views - A Comparison Using Pathfinder Associative Networks Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
University of Utah2011ViewIntegrating Statistical Visualization Research into the Political Science Classroom Draper, Liu, Riesenfeld
University of West Florida2007ViewDevelopment of Chain Management Model for the Apparel Retail e-Business Pfitscher, Wei
University of West Florida2007ViewStandardization of Internet Retail e-Business Solutions Kesthong, Wei
University of West Florida2006ViewDevelopment of a User-Friendly Mobile Commerce Framework for Air Travel Agencies Chun, Wei
University of West Florida2004ViewWorldwide Internet Usages and Online Multi-Linguistic Population Comparison Study Wei
University of Wisconsin Cedar Falls2004ViewXML Technologies and/or Relational Databases: A Classroom Experience Abuhejleh
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire2006ViewWeblogs and Student-Centered Learning: Personal Experiences in MBA Teaching Forster, Tam
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point2009ViewAjax Enabled Query Tool – The Capstone Experience Dollinger, Ford, Helf, Reimer
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point2009ViewAlice and The Introductory Programming Course: An Invitation to Dialogue Goulet, Slater
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point2009ViewBringing OOAD&P Together: A Synthesis Approach Goulet, Dollinger
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point2006ViewA Solution to Mixed-Type Comparisons in C# .NET Dollinger
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point2006ViewAutomating the Development of Data Access Layer Dollinger, Goulet, Gibbs
Utah Valley State2003ViewIntegrating Agile Development Methodologies into the Project Capstone - A Case Study Jones
Utah Valley State2003ViewWill Handheld Computers Succeed in College? Johnson, Rudd