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InstitutionYear PubArticleTitleAuthors
Washington and Lee University2010ViewA Database Design and Development Case: NanoTEK Networks Ballenger
Washington and Lee University2010ViewStudent Usage of Instructional Technologies: Ballenger, Garvis
Weber State University2009ViewTwo Frameworks for Discrete Mathematics McMaster, Rague, Hadfield
Weber State University2008ViewTeaching Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus: McMaster, Anderson, Blake
Weber State University2008ViewTwo Gestalts for Mathematics: Logical vs. Computational McMaster, Rague, McMaster, Blake
West Texas A&M University2004ViewInternet and Web-Based Database Technology Abdullat
Western Kentucky University2011ViewAre Password Management Applications Viable? An Analysis of User Training and Reactions Ciampa
Western Michigan University2004ViewInformation Systems National Assessment Update: The Results of a Beta Test of a New Information Systems Exit Exam Based on the IS 2002 Model Curriculum Reynolds, Longenecker, Landry, Pardue, Applegate
Western New England College2009ViewThe Rolling Learning Cell: Russell, Goodnight
Western New England College2004ViewAddressing Student Difficulties in Using Numeric Data Downloaded from the World Wide Web Pelosi, Russell
Widener University2010ViewDeveloping Oral and Written Communication Skills in Undergraduate Computer Science and Information Systems Curriculum Kortsarts, Fischbach, Rufinus, Utell, Yoon
Widener University2010ViewInterdisciplinary introductory Course in Bioinfomatics Kortsarts, Morris, Utell
Widener University2009ViewIntroduction to Computer Forensics for Non-Majors Kortsarts, Harver
Widener University2007ViewIntegrating Project Component into the Introductory Computer Science and Information Systems Curriculum Kortsarts, Rufinus
Widener University2006ViewTeaching an Introductory Programming Course for Non-Majors Using Python Rufinus, Kortsarts
Widener University2005ViewParallel Computing for IS Majors Rufinus, Kortsarts
Widener University2003ViewCreating a Collaborative B2B Environment in the Classroom: Evaluation of Methods Utilized in an International Simulation over a 4-Year Period Antonucci, zur Muehlen
Winona State University2011ViewA Relational Algebra Query Language McMaster, Sambasivam, Anderson
Winona State University2011ViewIntegrating Health Information Systems Into a Database Course: A Case Study Anderson, Zhang, McMaster
Winona State University2010ViewA Probability Model for Belady's Anomaly McMaster, Sambasivam, Anderson