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InstitutionYear PubArticleTitleAuthors
Xavier University2017ViewRateMyInformationSystemsProfessor: Exploring the factors that influence student ratings Sena, Crable
Xavier University2016ViewE-Learning and Medical Residents, a Qualitative Perspective Segerman, Crable, Brodzinski
Xavier University2013ViewLessons Learned: The Evolution of an Undergraduate Research Program Smith, Laker, Tesch
Xavier University2010ViewA Modular Approach to Delivering Braun, Crable, Sena
Xavier University2010ViewFaculty Perceptions on the Goals and Achievements of Information Systems Executive Advisory Boards Sena, Crable, Sena
Xavier University2008ViewA Comparison of Project Sponsor Behavior’s in Project Initiation: the Information Systems Perspective vs All Other Tesch, Kloppenborg, Dietz
Xavier University2008ViewAn Examination of Employers' Perceptions and Expectations of IS Entry-Level Personal and Interpersonal Skills Tesch, Braun, Crable
Xavier University2006ViewImplementation of a Basic Computer Skills Assessment Mechanism for Incoming Freshmen Tesch, Murphy, Crable
Xavier University2005ViewThe Student-Professor Research Relationship: Examining IS Employer Skills Expectations Braun, Tesch, Skeldon
Xavier University of Louisiana2005ViewOutsourcing? Offshore? Students Need to Know Lopez
Xavier University of Louisiana2003ViewPreparing for the Semantic Web Lopez