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Lab Activity2016ViewAdvancing Student Productivity: An Introduction to Evernote Korzaan, Lawrence
Lab Activity2010ViewAnalysis of an Anti-Phishing Lab Activity Werner, Courte
Labor Analysis2010ViewIdentifying Influencers in High School Student ICT Career Choice Babin, Grant, Sawal
laboratory2011ViewCreating and Using a Computer Networking and Systems Administration Laboratory Built Under Relaxed Financial Constraints Conlon, Mullins
laboratory-based learning2012ViewMarket Basket Analysis for Non-Programmers Yoder, Vandenberg, Breimer
laboratory-based learning2011ViewTowards an Innovative Web-based Lab Delivery System for a Management Information Systems Course Breimer, Cotler, Yoder
laboratory-based learning2010ViewCo-"Lab"oration: A New Paradigm for Building a Management Information Systems Course Cotler, Breimer, Yoder
LAMP2011ViewImplementing a Dynamic Database-Driven Course Using LAMP Laverty, Wood, Turchek
LAN migration2013ViewSecurity Engineering Lessons Learned for Migrating Independent LANs to an Enterprise Environment Marchant, Bonneau
Large-size classes2010ViewScaling large-size undergraduate classes at a top research university via eLearning strate-gies: A facilitated model of instruction using a Web 2.0 paradigm Conn, Hu, Boyer, Wilkinson
Large-size classes2010ViewSuccessful Engagement of Undergraduate Information Technology Management Students in a Complusory Course in Ethical Issues in IT in a Large Class Environment Grant
layers2009ViewComplecto Mutatio: Teaching Software Design Best Practices Using Multi-Platform Development Connolly
lean startup2015ViewAddressing the 21st Century Paradox: Integrating Entrepreneurship in the Computer Information Systems Curriculum Lang, Babb
learn-build-measure feedback loop2015ViewAddressing the 21st Century Paradox: Integrating Entrepreneurship in the Computer Information Systems Curriculum Lang, Babb
Learner-Centered2009ViewFrom “Sage on the Stage” to “Guide on the Side” Revisited: Saulnier
Learning2012ViewThe Learning and Productivity Benefits to Student Programmers from Real-World Development Environments Debuse, Lawley
Learning2011ViewAssessing Blackboard: Improving Online Instructional Delivery Chawdhry, Paullet, Benjamin
Learning2011ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
Learning2011ViewTaking it to the Top: Frydenberg, Miko
Learning2010ViewBusiness Students’ Learning with Online Discussion Forums: The Case of a Virtual Classroom Community Zhu
Learning2010ViewChallenges in Delivering Distance Education Chawdhry
Learning2010ViewFrom Computer Literacy to Web 2.0 Literacy: Frydenberg, Press
Learning2009ViewEncouraging Students to Learn on the Fly in CIS Courses Slauson, Snyder, Carpenter
learning community2013ViewCollaborative learning in online courses: Exploring students' perceptions Faja
learning environments2016ViewHow an Active Learning Classroom Transformed IT Executive Management Connolly, Lampe
Learning experience2017ViewCloud-based Versus Local-based Web Development Pike, Pittman, Hwang
learning goals2011ViewAACSB Learning Goals: One-Minute Guest Speakers Help To "Close the Loop" Ryker
Learning Management System2012ViewImproving the LMS Selection Process: Laverty, Wood, Tannehill, Kohun, Turchek
Learning Management System,2012ViewComparatively Assessing The Use Of Blackboard Versus Desire2learn: Faculty Perceptions Of The Online Tools Chawdhry, Paullet, Benjamin
Learning Management Systems2010ViewBuilding an Integrated Student Information System in a K-12 School System Basal, Steenkamp
Learning Management Systems2010ViewThe Need, Use and Best Practices for the Implementation of Learning Managemebnt Systems in Organizations and Higher Education Institutions Dehinbo, Odunaike
Learning Management Systems2009ViewEnhancing Decision Sciences Education Hall, Ko
Learning outcomes2013ViewTen Year Assessment of Learning Outcomes of a Computer Information Systems (CIS) Program Abraham
Learning outcomes2011ViewA Model for Long Term Assessment of Computing and Information Systems Programs Al-Mubaid, Abeysekera, Kim, Perkins-Hall, Yue
Learning outcomes2011ViewDeveloping Information Systems Higher Education – Lessons Learned from an Inter-organizational R&D Project Melin, Axelsson
Learning outcomes2010ViewAccounting for Systems Analysts in the 21st Century Giordano, McAleer, Szakas
Learning outcomes2010ViewEducating Information Systems Students on Business Process Management (BPM) through Digital Gaming Metaphors of Virtual Reality Lawler, Joseph
Learning Paradigm2013ViewInformation Technology for Good (IT4G): Saulnier
learning pods2010ViewComputer Literacy and Non-IS majors Thomas, Blackwood
learning resources2014ViewFlipping Introduction to MIS for a Connected World Law
learning spaces2013ViewFostering Entrepreneurship in the CIS Sandbox Frydenberg
learning strategies2011ViewExploring the Connection between Age and Strategies for Learning new Technology Related Tasks Meiselwitz, Chakraborty
learning style2017ViewAgile Learning: Sprinting Through the Semester Lang
Learning styles2015ViewLearning Styles, Online Content Usage and Exam Performance in a Mixed-Format Introductory Computer Information Systems Course Lang, O'Connell
Learning styles2014ViewDifferent Keystrokes for Different Folks: Addressing Learning Styles in Online Education Pinchot, Paullet
Learning styles2014ViewRelevance of Student Resources Adkins
Learning styles2010ViewA Modular Approach to Delivering Braun, Crable, Sena
Learning task2014ViewTool Choice for E-Learning: Task-Technology Fit through Media Synchronicity Sun, Wang
Learning Taxonomy2012ViewCIS Program Redesign Driven By IS2010 Model: Surendran, Amer, Schwieger
Learning Taxonomy2012ViewDeveloping an Introductory Level MIS Project in Accordance with AACSB Assurance of Learning Standard 15 Schwieger
Learning Theories2014ViewA Learning Theory Conceptual Foundation for Using Capture Technology in Teaching Berardi, Blundell
learning theory2016ViewDeveloping Capable Undergraduate Students: A focus on Problem Based Learning and Assessment Blundell, Berardi
learning theory2012ViewMultiple Submissions and their Impact on the ‘Path of Learning’ Gebauer, Janicki, Clark
learning theory2011ViewImpact of pre-grading / resubmission Janicki, Gebauer, Clark
Learning-on-the-fly2009ViewEncouraging Students to Learn on the Fly in CIS Courses Slauson, Snyder, Carpenter
least popular language2010ViewA Study of the Programming Languages Used in Information Systems and Computer Science Curricula Russell, Russell, Tastle, Pollacia
Lecture2015ViewEnhancing the Classroom Experience: Instructor Use of Tablets Cummings, Hill
lecture capture2014ViewA Learning Theory Conceptual Foundation for Using Capture Technology in Teaching Berardi, Blundell
legal and regulatory environment of IT2010ViewAn Exploration of the Legal and Regulatory Environment of Privacy and Security through Active Research, Guided Study, Blog Creation, and Discussion. Peslak
Lego Mindstorms2013ViewAn Interdisciplinary Learning Experience: The Creation of a Robot Dance Smarkusky, Toman
LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT2016ViewThemed Learning with Music and Technology Smarkusky, Toman
lessons learned 2012ViewImplementation of a Distance MS-CIS Program: Clark
Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP)2013ViewInformation Technology for Good (IT4G): Saulnier
Life-long learning2009ViewDeveloping the Information Literacy of University Students: Integrating Research into Curricula Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
Likert Scale2010ViewMeasuring Faculty Instructional Performance Tastle
Litecoin2015ViewCrypto Currencies: Core Information Technology and Information System Fundamentals Enabling Currency Without Borders Serapiglia, Serapiglia, McIntyre
Live Streaming2017ViewTaking the High Road: Privacy in the Age of Drones Hamilton, Harrington, Lawrence, Perot, Studer
LMS2010ViewThe Need, Use and Best Practices for the Implementation of Learning Managemebnt Systems in Organizations and Higher Education Institutions Dehinbo, Odunaike
Location-Based Privacy2008ViewAn Expanded Study of Integrating Issues of Location-Based Privacy with Mobile Computing Into General Curriculum of Universities Molluzzo, Lawler
Logical Concepts2014ViewEducational Software for First Order Logic Semantics in Introductory Logic Courses Mauco, Ferrante, Felice
logical math2009ViewTwo Frameworks for Discrete Mathematics McMaster, Rague, Hadfield
long-term goals2018ViewGrit and the Information Systems Student: A Discipline-Specific Examination of Perseverance and Passion for Long Term Goals Brooks, Seipel