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naïve Bayesian model2010ViewMyth busting: Using Data Mining to Refute Link between Transfer Students and Retention Risk McAleer, Szakas
NCC2011ViewBI GIS Competition Brings DSS to AITP NCC Hayen
Need for Achievement2011ViewWhat Predicts Student Success in Harris, Harris, Lambert
Net Generation2013View"Consumerization of IT" - Challenges for IS Education Law
Net Generation2012ViewAn Expanded Study of Net Generation Perceptions on Privacy and Security on Social Networking Sites (SNS) Molluzzo, Lawler, Doshi
NetApp Academic Alliance2013ViewCosts and Benefits of Vendor Sponsored Learning Materials in Information Technology Education Hua
network2011ViewCreating and Using a Computer Networking and Systems Administration Laboratory Built Under Relaxed Financial Constraints Conlon, Mullins
network2011ViewDeveloping Information Systems Higher Education – Lessons Learned from an Inter-organizational R&D Project Melin, Axelsson
network administrator2018ViewConnecting the Dots and Nodes: A Survey of Skills Requested by Employers for Network Administrators Morris, Fustos, Haga
network engineer2012ViewPreparing for a Career as a Network Engineer Morris, Fustos, Haga
Network security2010ViewDeveloping the Cyber Defenders of Tomorrow with Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions (CCDC) Carlin, Manson, Zhu
Network Sniffing2014ViewAn Active Learning Activity for an IT Ethics Course Woods, Howard
Networking2018ViewConnecting the Dots and Nodes: A Survey of Skills Requested by Employers for Network Administrators Morris, Fustos, Haga
Networking2012ViewDesigning an Introductory CIS Course to Attract Soe, Guthrie, Yakura, Hwang
networks2015ViewEmpowering Freshmen with Technology Skills: Wireless Routers VanderClock
new venture2010ViewCreating E-commerce Start-ups with Information Systems Students: Lessons Learned from New Venture Successes and Failures Abrahams
Non-Beginner programmer2015ViewTeaching Non-Beginner Programmers with App Inventor: Survey Results and Implications Soares, Martin
Non-Beginners2014ViewReflections on Teaching App Inventor for Non-Beginner Programmers: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities Soares
Non-Computing Major2018ViewData Analytics Workshop Series for Non-Computing Major First-Generation-College-Bound Students Chung
non-Information Systems majors2010ViewComputer Literacy and Non-IS majors Thomas, Blackwood
non-profit organizations2009ViewExpanding Flexible Models of Service Learning in Information Systems Curricula Lawler
Non-traditional Higher Education2010ViewThe Integrated Technology Assessment: A Portfolio-Based Capstone Experience Shih, LeClair, Varden
Normalization2013ViewComparing Top-down with Bottom-up Approaches: Kung, Kung, Gardiner
Normalization2011ViewSovling Relational Database Problems with ORDBMS in an Advanced Database Course Wang
note taking2015ViewEvaluating the Effectiveness of Self-Created Student Screencasts as a Tool to Increase Student Learning Outcomes in a Hands-On Computer Programming Course Powell, Wimmer
NSF2010ViewTracking Women and Minorities as They Attain Degrees in Computing and Related Fields Sorkin, Gore, Mento, Stanton
NSF scholarships2010ViewPiltdown Man or Inconvenient Truth? A Two-year Study of Student Perceptions about Computing Battig
number of exams2017ViewTesting Frequency in an Introductory Computer Programming Course Adkins, Linville