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qlikview2015ViewExperiential Learning using QlikView Business Intelligence Software Podeschi
Qualitative2017ViewUnderstanding Business Analytics Success and Impact: A Qualitative Study Parks, Thambusamy
qualitative research2010ViewFactors that InfluenceTransfer of Learning from the Online Classroom Everett
qualitative study,2014ViewGender Rationales and Success Factors in Assessing and Selecting a Major in Information Technology at the Undergraduate Level of a University Program: A Focus Group Approach Mishra, Draus, Caputo, Leone, Kohun, Repack
Quality Matters2017ViewCourse Design and Technology For Synchronous Interaction in an Online Course Kreie, Johnson, Lebsock
Quality Matters rubric2015ViewCourse Redesign Based Kreie, Bussmann
query2013ViewRelational Algebra and SQL: Better Together McMaster, Sambasivam, Hadfield, Wolthuis
query2011ViewA Relational Algebra Query Language McMaster, Sambasivam, Anderson
Query tool2009ViewAjax Enabled Query Tool – The Capstone Experience Dollinger, Ford, Helf, Reimer
quizzes2014ViewRelevance of Student Resources Adkins