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Value chain2010ViewA Value Chain Approach for Attracting, Beard, Schwieger, Surendran
VCL2009ViewMy Personal Computer Lab: Operating in the 'Cloud' Murphy, McClelland
veterans2017ViewStudent Veterans’ Shared Experience Using Social Media in Higher Education: A Pilot Study with a Hybrid Phenomenological Data Analysis Method Marsilio
victimization2013ViewA Comprehensive Survey on Cyberbullying Perceptions at a Major Metropolitan University – Faculty Perspectives Molluzzo, Lawler, Manneh
video2013ViewAn Exploratory Study of the use of Video as an Sharp, Schultz
video lectures2013ViewAn Exploratory Study of the use of Video as an Sharp, Schultz
video tutorial2016ViewThe Relative Efficacy of Video and Text Tutorials in Online Computing Education Lang
Virtual classroom community2010ViewBusiness Students’ Learning with Online Discussion Forums: The Case of a Virtual Classroom Community Zhu
Virtual Environments2018ViewViNEL: A Virtual Networking Lab for Cyber Defense Education Reinicke, Baker, Toothman
Virtual Lab2009ViewMy Personal Computer Lab: Operating in the 'Cloud' Murphy, McClelland
Virtual Machine2016ViewAn Observational Study of Peer Learning for High School Students at a Cybersecurity Camp Pittman, Pike
Virtual Machine2009ViewMy Personal Computer Lab: Operating in the 'Cloud' Murphy, McClelland
virtual memory2012ViewStudents’ Responses to Ethical Dilemmas in an Academic Setting and in the Work Place Teer, Kruck
virtual memory2010ViewA Probability Model for Belady's Anomaly McMaster, Sambasivam, Anderson
Virtual office hours2009ViewA Follow-up Study of Using Remote Desktop Applications in Education Bekkering, Hutchison
Virtual reality2010ViewEducating Information Systems Students on Business Process Management (BPM) through Digital Gaming Metaphors of Virtual Reality Lawler, Joseph
Virtual teams2014ViewThe Influence of Typeface on Students’ Perceptions of Online Instructors Louch, Stork
Virtual teams2013ViewVirtual Teams and Synchronous Presentations: Adkins
Virtual teams2010ViewVirtual Teams: Preparing Students for Global IT Management: An Empirical Exercise on three Campuses and Two Countries White, Tastle, Semeniuta
virtual teamwork2013ViewCollaborative learning in online courses: Exploring students' perceptions Faja
Virtualization2013ViewCloud Computing in Support of Applied Learning: Conn, Reichgelt
Virtualization2009ViewMy Personal Computer Lab: Operating in the 'Cloud' Murphy, McClelland
visual analog scale2010ViewMeasuring Faculty Instructional Performance Tastle
Visual Basic2012ViewVisual Basic Programming Impact on White
Visual Basic.Net2010ViewA Study of the Programming Languages Used in Information Systems and Computer Science Curricula Russell, Russell, Tastle, Pollacia
visual disabilities2010ViewWebsite Accessibility Smith, Lind
visual programming2012ViewVisual Basic Programming Impact on White
visual query languages2011ViewIntegrating Statistical Visualization Research into the Political Science Classroom Draper, Liu, Riesenfeld
Visualization2011ViewVisualizing Opportunities: GIS Skills for Retail Marketing Wu, Rathswohl