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2014ViewDecision-Making via Visual Analysis using the Natural Language Toolkit and R Jafar, Babb, Dana
2012ViewCo-Creating Value in Systems Development: A Shift towards Service-Dominant Logic Babb, Keith
2016ViewGovernance of Outsourcing: Building a Better Relationship Babin, Saunderson
2008ViewAssessing the Role of CSR in Outsourcing Decisions Babin
2012ViewMobile Telephone Usage, Attitude, and Behavior During Group Meetings. Bajko
2009ViewDetermining Information Technology Project Status using Recognition-primed Decision-making enabled Collaborative Agents for Simulating Teamwork (R-CAST) Barnes, Hammell II
2013ViewInformation Security Blueprint Clark, Benli, Mitchell, Vetter
2016ViewDriving Inside Sales Performance with Lead Management Systems: A Conceptual Model Ohiomah, Benyoucef, Andreev
2014ViewSimilarity and Ties in Social Networks Afrasiabi Rad, Benyoucef
2012ViewMeasuring Propagation in Online Social Networks: The case of YouTube Afrasiabi Rad, Benyoucef
2011ViewA Model for Understanding Social Commerce Afrasiabi Rad, Benyoucef
2009ViewResearch Design for a Natural Disaster Management Communication System: Local Indiana Government Agency Model Nicolai, Puntillo, Bilow
2010ViewSystem Development Methodology Usage in Industry: A Review and Analysis Griffin, Brandyberry
2018ViewAn Exploratory Analysis of Gender Differences in IT Project Commitment, Continuation, and Escalation Korzaan, Harris, Brooks
2015ViewThe Silent Treatment in IT Projects: Gender Differences in Inclinations to Communicate Project Status Information Korzaan, Brooks
2012ViewBuilding a Real-Time Bus Tracking Data Display System Dudley, Vetter, Brown, Janicki
2012ViewCMobile: A Mobile Photo Capture Application for Construction Imaging Martin, Vetter, Brown, Janicki
2011ViewA Methodology Tailoring Model for Practitioner Based Information Systems Development Informed by the Principles of General Systems Theory Burns, Deek