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2013ViewOpen Source Software Volunteerism vs. Carpenter
2012ViewAn Empirical Study of Social Networking Behavior Using Theory of Reasoned Action Peslak, Ceccucci, Sendall
2010ViewAn Empirical Study of Instant Messaging Behavior Using Diffusion of Innovation Theory Peslak, Ceccucci, Sendall
2010ViewAn Empirical Study of Text Messaging Behavioral Intention and Usage Peslak, Ceccucci, Sendall
2018ViewInformation Sharing Increases Drug Sample Inventory Management Efficiency in Healthcare Clinics: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment Lang, Chahal
2017ViewDownloading Mobile Applications - Are Students Protecting Themselves Chawdhry, Paullet, Douglas, Compomizzi
2017ViewThe Effects of Perceived Functionality and Usability on Privacy and Security Concerns about Adopting Cloud Applications Nakayama, Chen, Taylor
2017ViewThe Effects of Discount Pricing Strategy on Sales of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Online Video Game Market Context Choi, Medlin, Hunsinger
2013ViewAnalysis of Electronic Health Mitchell, Clark
2013ViewInformation Security Blueprint Clark, Benli, Mitchell, Vetter
2010ViewNetwork Growing Pains Clark, Mahar, Moussawi
2009ViewAnticipated Changes to Technologies Janicki, Clark, Mahar, Logan
2009ViewThe Impact of Technology Diffusion on Employment, Compensation, and Productivity: Evidence from the Telecommunications Sector Clark, Moussawi
2011ViewDevelopment of an Evaluation Model for XBRL-enabled Tools Intended for Investors Clements, Schwieger, Surendran
2014ViewTaxonomy of Common Software Testing Terminology: Framework for Key Software Engineering Testing Concepts Roggio, Gordon, Comer
2017ViewDownloading Mobile Applications - Are Students Protecting Themselves Chawdhry, Paullet, Douglas, Compomizzi
2012ViewOpen Source Software in the Vertical Market: an Open Niche? Conlon
2010ViewTeaching Knowledge Management (KM) in Criminal Justice Education: The Influence of Information Systems Conn, Thies
2012ViewApplying Business Intelligence Concepts to Medicaid Claim Fraud Detection Copeland, Edberg, Wendel
2013ViewWhat Influences Students to Use Dropbox? Hunsinger, Corley
2012ViewGoogle Chrome and the Paradigm Shifts in the Browser Market Among Users Corley, Hunsinger
2017ViewCauses of cyberbullying in multi-player online gaming environments: Gamer perceptions Cotler, Fryling, Rivituso
2015ViewCyberbullying or normal game play? Impact of age, gender, and experience on cyberbullying in multi-player online gaming environments: Perceptions from one gaming forum Fryling, Cotler, Rivituso, Mathews, Pratico
2014ViewPerformance and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Information Technology Industry Cowan, Parzinger, Welch, Welch
2012ViewUsing the cloud: Keeping Enterprise Data Private Cronin, Pauli, Ham
2013ViewRocky Relationships: Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management Crumbly, Fryling
2017ViewCrowdsourcing Surveys: Alternative Approaches to Survey Collection Cummings, Sibona
2016ViewMoving Beyond Coding: Why Secure Coding Should be Implemented Grover, Cummings, Janicki
2015ViewCyber Security Best Practices: What to do? Kleinberg, Reinicke, Cummings
2014ViewCan Social Media aid Software Development? Reinicke, Cummings
2014ViewShifting Technological Landscape: IT Departments and Anticipated Technological Changes Cummings, Janicki, Kline
2013ViewThe Impact of Intra-Organizational Social Cummings