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2017ViewAn Interactive Toolbox for Twitter Content Analytics Jafar, Waldman
2014ViewDecision-Making via Visual Analysis using the Natural Language Toolkit and R Jafar, Babb, Dana
2010ViewSuperfund Site Analysis Using Web 2.0 Technologies Anderson, Jafar, Rogers
2008ViewComparison of Dynamic Web Content Processing Language Performance Under a LAMP Architecture Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
2010ViewFactors that Persuade and Deter Membership in Professional Computing Associations Umapathy, Jamba, Ritzhaupt
2008ViewComputing Professional Association Membership: An Exploration of Membership Needs and Motivations Ritzhaupt, Umapathy, Jamba
2018ViewInformation Security and Privacy Legislation: Current State and Future Direction Dunlap, Cummings, Janicki
2016ViewMoving Beyond Coding: Why Secure Coding Should be Implemented Grover, Cummings, Janicki
2014ViewShifting Technological Landscape: IT Departments and Anticipated Technological Changes Cummings, Janicki, Kline
2012ViewBuilding a Real-Time Bus Tracking Data Display System Dudley, Vetter, Brown, Janicki
2012ViewCMobile: A Mobile Photo Capture Application for Construction Imaging Martin, Vetter, Brown, Janicki
2009ViewAnticipated Changes to Technologies Janicki, Clark, Mahar, Logan
2018ViewProtecting IoT from Mirai botnets; IoT device hardening Frank, Nance, Jarocki, Pauli
2015ViewA Cloud Computing Methodology Study of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the Financial Industry Lawler, Howell-Barber, Joseph
2014ViewA Study of Cloud Computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in Financial Firms Lawler, Howell-Barber, Joseph, Narula
2013ViewA Study of Cloud Computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in Financial Firms Lawler, Howell-Barber, Desai, Joseph