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2017ViewMalvertising - A Rising Threat To The Online Ecosystem Dwyer, Kanguri
2012ViewCo-Creating Value in Systems Development: A Shift towards Service-Dominant Logic Babb, Keith
2013ViewLet’s Look at the Cloud from a Risk Management Perspective Vignos, Kim, Metzer
2010ViewCan Management Predict Information Security Threats by Utilizing a Data Warehouse? Kim, Steen
2010ViewThe Results of Implementing a Knowledge Management Initiative to Enhance Network Access Controls Kim, Nelson
2015ViewOn Adapting a War-Gaming Discrete Event Simulator with Big Data and Geospatial Modeling Toward a Predictive Model Ecosystem for Interpersonal Violence Mhlanga, Perry, Kirchner
2015ViewCyber Security Best Practices: What to do? Kleinberg, Reinicke, Cummings
2014ViewShifting Technological Landscape: IT Departments and Anticipated Technological Changes Cummings, Janicki, Kline
2011ViewPassword Security Risk versus Effort: An Exploratory Study on User-Perceived Risk and the Intention to Use Online Applications Gebauer, Kline, He
2017ViewFinding the “Radicalness” in Radical Innovation Adoption Sharma, Thomas, Konsynski
2009ViewA Study of the Information Technology Trade between the United States and the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement Nations Pena, Aguirre, Saenz, Koong, Liu
2018ViewAn Exploratory Analysis of Gender Differences in IT Project Commitment, Continuation, and Escalation Korzaan, Harris, Brooks
2015ViewThe Silent Treatment in IT Projects: Gender Differences in Inclinations to Communicate Project Status Information Korzaan, Brooks
2014ViewThe De-Escalation of the DHS HSIN Next Gen Project Rosenhauer, Korzaan
2012ViewThe New Tech Effect: Analyzing Juror Credibility Davis, Paullet, Kraeer, Grant
2008ViewThe Importance of Business Process Alignment for IT Project Management of Commercial Software with Case Studies Kraft
2018ViewText Messaging Today: A Longitudinal Study of Variables Influencing Text Messaging from 2009 to 2016 Peslak, Hunsinger, Kruck
2013ViewComparing Performance of Web Service Interaction Styles: SOAP vs. REST Kumar, Ahuja, Umapathy, Prodanoff
2013ViewEarly Stage Probabilistic Software Project Schedule Estimation Kwon, Hammell II