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Abilene Christian University2010ViewTowards an Abstract Model for Academia and Information Technology Sector Collaborative Partnerships: Responding to the “West Texas Coalition for Innovation and Commercialization” Initiative Mhlanga, Vardiman, Reames
Adelphi University2009ViewThe Accessibility of College and University Home Pages DiLallo, Siegfried
AI2010ViewSuperfund Site Analysis Using Web 2.0 Technologies Anderson, Jafar, Rogers
AI2008ViewComparison of Dynamic Web Content Processing Language Performance Under a LAMP Architecture Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
American University of Beirut2010ViewNetwork Growing Pains Clark, Mahar, Moussawi
Appalachian State University2018ViewText Messaging Today: A Longitudinal Study of Variables Influencing Text Messaging from 2009 to 2016 Peslak, Hunsinger, Kruck
Appalachian State University2017ViewThe Effects of Discount Pricing Strategy on Sales of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Online Video Game Market Context Choi, Medlin, Hunsinger
Appalachian State University2017ViewThe Effects of Perceived Functionality and Usability on Privacy and Security Concerns about Adopting Cloud Applications Nakayama, Chen, Taylor
Appalachian State University2013ViewWhat Influences Students to Use Dropbox? Hunsinger, Corley
Appalachian State University2012ViewGoogle Chrome and the Paradigm Shifts in the Browser Market Among Users Corley, Hunsinger
Appalachian State University2011ViewFactors Influencing People to Use Linux Hunsinger, Fransen
Appalachian State University2010ViewSpyware: What Influences College Students to Use Anti-Spyware Tools? Ward, Hunsinger
Appalachian State University2009ViewAnalysis of the Factors that Influence Online Purchasing Amoroso, Hunsinger
Azusa Pacific University2015ViewMeasuring Algorithm Performance With Java: Patterns of Variation McMaster, Sambasivam, Wolthuis