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California State Polytechnic University2016ViewExploring Relationships between the Strategic Importance of IT and the Effectiveness of IT Security and Mobile Device Management Stanko, Sena, Sena
California State Polytechnic University2014ViewMicrosoft vs Apple: Which is Great by Choice? Sena, Olsen
California State Polytechnic University2011ViewMake or Buy: A comparative assessment of organizations that develop software internally versus those that purchase software Sena, Sena
California University of Pennsylvania2018ViewWhat’s “Appening” to our Privacy? A Students Perspective on Downloading Mobile Apps Paullet, Chawdhry, Douglas, Compomizzi
California University of Pennsylvania2017ViewDownloading Mobile Applications - Are Students Protecting Themselves Chawdhry, Paullet, Douglas, Compomizzi
Carnegie Mellon University2012ViewThe Effects of Interruptions on Remembering Task Information Lenox, Pilarski, Leathers
Central Connecticut State University2017ViewA Multi-Criteria Network Assessment Model of IT Offshoring Risks from Service Provider's Perspective Petkov, Petkova
Central Connecticut State University2010ViewOn Design Science, MCDM, and Outsourcing Decision Making Petkov, Petkova
CheckSamples2018ViewInformation Sharing Increases Drug Sample Inventory Management Efficiency in Healthcare Clinics: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment Lang, Chahal
Chowan University2010ViewSystem Development Methodology Usage in Industry: A Review and Analysis Griffin, Brandyberry
Colorado Mesa University2013ViewOpen Source Software Volunteerism vs. Carpenter