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Ramapo College of New Jersey2011ViewA Methodology Tailoring Model for Practitioner Based Information Systems Development Informed by the Principles of General Systems Theory Burns, Deek
Robert Morris University2018ViewWhat’s “Appening” to our Privacy? A Students Perspective on Downloading Mobile Apps Paullet, Chawdhry, Douglas, Compomizzi
Robert Morris University2017ViewDownloading Mobile Applications - Are Students Protecting Themselves Chawdhry, Paullet, Douglas, Compomizzi
Robert Morris University2017ViewIdentifying the Critical Success Factors for Information Systems to Manage Sponsored Research Activities at Institutions of Higher Education Lehman, Ruzich
Robert Morris University2016ViewAssessing Cultural Aspects of Organizations for Knowledge Management Initiatives Fruehauf, Lehman
Robert Morris University2015ViewUse of Preventative Measures to Protect Data Privacy on Mobile Devices Pinchot, Paullet
Robert Morris University2014ViewDeveloping a Semantic Differential Scale for Measuring Users’ Attitudes toward Sensor based Decision Support Technologies for the Environment. Ajani, Stork
Robert Morris University2013ViewLet’s Look at the Cloud from a Risk Management Perspective Vignos, Kim, Metzer
Robert Morris University2012ViewTalk to Text: Changing Communication Patterns Pinchot, Douglas, Paullet, Rota
Robert Morris University2012ViewThe New Tech Effect: Analyzing Juror Credibility Davis, Paullet, Kraeer, Grant
Robert Morris University2011ViewHow Mobile Technology is Changing Our Culture Pinchot, Paullet, Rota
Robert Morris University2010ViewAn Exploratory Study of Relationships between Workforce Characteristics Totterdale
Robert Morris University2010ViewCan Management Predict Information Security Threats by Utilizing a Data Warehouse? Kim, Steen
Rochester Institute of Technology2015ViewCyber Security Best Practices: What to do? Kleinberg, Reinicke, Cummings
Rochester Institute of Technology2014ViewCan Social Media aid Software Development? Reinicke, Cummings
Rochester Institute of Technology2013ViewCreating an Audio Conferencing Application Sun, Vetter, Reinicke
Rochester Institute of Technology2013ViewThe Impact of Regulatory Changes on IS Strategy: An Exploratory Study Reinicke, Ward
Rochester Institute of Technology2011ViewCreating a Framework for Research on Virtual Organizations Reinicke
Ryerson University2016ViewGovernance of Outsourcing: Building a Better Relationship Babin, Saunderson
Ryerson University2012ViewMobile Telephone Usage, Attitude, and Behavior During Group Meetings. Bajko
Ryerson University2008ViewAssessing the Role of CSR in Outsourcing Decisions Babin