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InstitutionYear PubArticleTitleAuthors
Tarleton State University2012ViewStudy of User Behavior in Image Retrieval and Implications for Content Versus Concept Based Access Schultz
The Citadel Military College of South Carolina2018ViewCloud Computing: Implications for Information Systems Development Service Providers and Practitioners Mew, Money
Towson University2017ViewProposal for Kelly Criterion-Inspired Lossy Network Compression for Network Intrusion Applications Smith, Hammell II
Towson University2014ViewPredicting the Terminal Ballistics of Kinetic Energy Projectiles Using Artificial Neural Networks Auten, Hammell II
Towson University2013ViewEarly Stage Probabilistic Software Project Schedule Estimation Kwon, Hammell II
Towson University2009ViewDetermining Information Technology Project Status using Recognition-primed Decision-making enabled Collaborative Agents for Simulating Teamwork (R-CAST) Barnes, Hammell II
Tulane University2010ViewTeaching Knowledge Management (KM) in Criminal Justice Education: The Influence of Information Systems Conn, Thies
Tuskegee University2013ViewRocky Relationships: Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management Crumbly, Fryling