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backup2010ViewContingency Planning: Disaster Recovery Strategies for Successful Educational Continuity Omar, Udeh, Mantha
Banking industry2014ViewRisk Assessment & Management in Merchant Capture Systems: A Threat Analysis Perspective Streff, Shrestha, Delzer
Bar codes2014ViewLooking Backwards to Look Ahead: Lessons from Barcode Adoption for RFID Adoption and Implementation Sharma, Thomas
Behavioral Intention2013ViewWhat Influences Students to Use Dropbox? Hunsinger, Corley
Behavioral Intention2012ViewGoogle Chrome and the Paradigm Shifts in the Browser Market Among Users Corley, Hunsinger
Behavioral Intention2010ViewSpyware: What Influences College Students to Use Anti-Spyware Tools? Ward, Hunsinger
best practices2015ViewCyber Security Best Practices: What to do? Kleinberg, Reinicke, Cummings
Big data2018ViewExploratory Study of Organizational Adoption of Cloud based Big Data Analytics Ghosh
Big data2015ViewBuilding a Better Stockbroker: Managing Big (Financial) Data by Constructing an Ontology-Based Framework Westrick, Du, Wolffe
biomedical informatics2010ViewBenefits of Knowledge Discovery Process for Biomedical Population Study McClelland
black-box testing2014ViewTaxonomy of Common Software Testing Terminology: Framework for Key Software Engineering Testing Concepts Roggio, Gordon, Comer
Blog2014ViewCan Social Media aid Software Development? Reinicke, Cummings
Bolman and Deal Four Frames Model2016ViewAssessing Cultural Aspects of Organizations for Knowledge Management Initiatives Fruehauf, Lehman
botnet2018ViewProtecting IoT from Mirai botnets; IoT device hardening Frank, Nance, Jarocki, Pauli
Bricks-and-mortar retailers2014ViewOnline versus In-Store: Price Differentiation for Multi-Channel Retailers Flores, Sun
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)2015ViewIdentifying User Behavior from Residual Data in Cloud-based Synchronized Apps Grispos, Glisson, Pardue, Dickson
broadband technology2009ViewThe Impact of Technology Diffusion on Employment, Compensation, and Productivity: Evidence from the Telecommunications Sector Clark, Moussawi
bus tracking2012ViewBuilding a Real-Time Bus Tracking Data Display System Dudley, Vetter, Brown, Janicki
Business analytics2018ViewExploratory Study of Organizational Adoption of Cloud based Big Data Analytics Ghosh
Business intelligence2016ViewA Comparison of Open Source Tools for Data Science Wimmer, Powell
Business intelligence2012ViewApplying Business Intelligence Concepts to Medicaid Claim Fraud Detection Copeland, Edberg, Wendel
Business process2008ViewThe Importance of Business Process Alignment for IT Project Management of Commercial Software with Case Studies Kraft
business process improvement2014ViewA Feasibility Study of Platform-as-a-Service Using Cloud Computing for a Global Service Organization Gai, Steenkamp
Business process reengineering2015ViewERP Customization vs. Business Process Reengineering: Technical and Functional Perceptions Fryling