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Facebook2018ViewFacebook Fanatics: A Linguistic and Sentiment Analysis of the Most “Fanned” Facebook Pages Peslak
Facebook2012ViewSocial Networking Systems and Campus Life Sgambato, Petkov, Wolf
factor analysis2012ViewAn Empirical Study of Social Networking Behavior Using Theory of Reasoned Action Peslak, Ceccucci, Sendall
factor analysis2010ViewAn Empirical Study of Instant Messaging Behavior Using Diffusion of Innovation Theory Peslak, Ceccucci, Sendall
failed projects2014ViewThe De-Escalation of the DHS HSIN Next Gen Project Rosenhauer, Korzaan
financial decision support systems2015ViewBuilding a Better Stockbroker: Managing Big (Financial) Data by Constructing an Ontology-Based Framework Westrick, Du, Wolffe
financial industry2015ViewA Cloud Computing Methodology Study of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the Financial Industry Lawler, Howell-Barber, Joseph
financial industry2014ViewA Study of Cloud Computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in Financial Firms Lawler, Howell-Barber, Joseph, Narula
firm-level capabilities2013ViewA Study of Cloud Computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in Financial Firms Lawler, Howell-Barber, Desai, Joseph
firm-level capabilities2009ViewThe Impact of Technology Diffusion on Employment, Compensation, and Productivity: Evidence from the Telecommunications Sector Clark, Moussawi
fit2011ViewPassword Security Risk versus Effort: An Exploratory Study on User-Perceived Risk and the Intention to Use Online Applications Gebauer, Kline, He
Flow2009ViewCross-Cultural View of Handheld Wireless Media Usage Lind, Anyansi-Archibong
forensics2012ViewThe New Tech Effect: Analyzing Juror Credibility Davis, Paullet, Kraeer, Grant
Framework2011ViewCreating a Framework for Research on Virtual Organizations Reinicke
fraud2012ViewApplying Business Intelligence Concepts to Medicaid Claim Fraud Detection Copeland, Edberg, Wendel
fun2009ViewCross-Cultural View of Handheld Wireless Media Usage Lind, Anyansi-Archibong
Function point2013ViewEarly Stage Probabilistic Software Project Schedule Estimation Kwon, Hammell II